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Army officer of the Russian Federation mouton ushanka hat. Current issue.

Made from genuine mouton sheepskin fur, this ushanka hat model is a current issue of the Russian Army forces. The wool top of this hat acts as water resistant shell. The nature of the fabric is such that it very slowly absorbs moisture, and once wet it becomes almost impenetrable to water. When it gets wet, it does not let moister in, therefore even if it is raining, a Russian Army officer's head stays dry and warm.
This hat is excellent for keeping the ears and neck warm, blocking out the cold wind and snow, with the ear flaps from the soft mouton. Great for cold days outdoors, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hunting, fishing or anytime you need to keep warm and in style.
You can tie its warm comfortable ear flaps either beneath your chin, on top of your head, or at the back for three different styles.

For your convenience an insignia comes unattached to the hat.
Made in Russia or Belarus

Free shipping in the U.S.!

Item: #013

Price: $59.95 - $64.95

in stock
Army officer ushanka hat
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Army officer ushanka hat earflaps in the middle Gray winter hat

Price: $59.95 - $64.95
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This winter hat comes with one free authentic insignia (unattached). Click on insignia image to add it to your order.
Russian navy seaman hat insignia. Current issue Soviet Army soldier hat insignia One inch classic Soviet Red Star cap insignia
Army officer hat badge for field uniform. Russian Imperial Eagle hat badge Soviet soldier hat insignia for field uniform.
Soviet Naval Infantry enlisted man & NCO badge Army officer winter hat insignia Current issue No Insignia

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Customer Reviews

70 reviews | 4.9 of 5 Write a review
verified 02/09/21
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Good winter hat!
by Spencer

Bought my ushanka last year and wanted to give it some time before I wrote a review. I did not take the advise of the website and got my exact size, I would 100% recommend going a little bit larger. I was concerned about returns but they were handled quickly and professionally! The method of wetting the hat and putting it over a pot also worked very well to help get little bit extra room. As for the hat itself, it can easily brave any Canadian winter for any activity. Totally worth the value as far as surplus is concerned; it will defiantly keep you warm.

verified 01/19/21
From: Kearney, Nebraska, United States
High Quality for the Price!
by Scott

My military ushanka is very warm and well made. I think it is definitely worth the price.

verified 11/29/20
From: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Warmest Hat I’ve Ever Owneda
by Nick .T-L

This hat is amazing for bitter Canadian winters, the only real complaints is that the string is beginning fray after a year the fur is significant less soft then it was, and the (Russian Federation) insignia was a pain to attach and snapped off after a year. Some annoying issues but all fairly minor problems that I can fix. I think I was sent the police variant but I like the blue colour better so I don’t care.
Also it came with a free badge labelled “РАЗРЯД” which I can assume is similar to the level 3 fitness badge used in Canada

verified 10/25/20
From: Oakridge, Oregon, USA
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
by Mike

I recently received my ushanka and am absolutely pleased with my purchase. The quality of your product far exceeded my expectations and I am looking forward to wearing it in the cold winter months ahead. Your customer service is wonderful! Again, thank you!

verified 03/27/20
From: Fountain Valley, CA, USA
Excellent Ushanka
by James F.

This ushanka feel very nice and is comfortable. I also like the quality of service and the shipping was way faster than I expected. I will continue to buy ushankas from this site as I consistently receive quality products and service from this site.

verified 03/06/20
From: Burlington, WI, USA
Excellent Product & Service
by J. Gibbon

This hat was my second ushanka. Being a wool frame instead of the all sheepskin like my first one, it is more comfortable when the temperatures rise a bit.

These hats are very well made and will hold up to frequent use for a long time (as in years). The service from the seller is first rate - have a question, e-mail them and you usually will have an answer in 24 hours or less. Shipping is also quick, usually a three to four day turn around from order to receiving it.

If you are looking for quality cold weather products made by people who deal with long winters and cold, this is your store!

verified 02/24/20
From: Hutchinson, Minnesota, United States
Very Good
by Noah A

Best hat I've ever owned. You can feel the quality. Fast shipping, good service. Highly recommend.

verified 01/25/20
From: Princeton, NJ, United States
Greatest Hat
by Zac Korn

It's super comfortable and stylish. It goes with many things I own. Being from eastern Europe it fits my style, although I live in the states.
The colour is a bit lighter than in the picture, but that does not effect how much I love it!

verified 01/20/20
From: PORTLAND, Oregon, United States
Couldn't be better
by Tom B. Raider

Just an ideal cold weather hat. The fit (59) was right on the money. Comfortable, warm, and have received many compliments. Fast shipping, too.

verified 01/20/20
From: Stockholm, Huhwhat, Sweden
by Yesverygoodushanka

Besides the shipping being delayd with like 2 weeks I am very pleased of the ushanka and with 10% discount I might by something here again! If you live far from new york where rhe ushanka gets shipped you should either pay for a better shipping option or buy after or before lithe holidays
(I payed for the 20$ shipping option)

verified 01/11/20
From: Brooklyn, New York, United States
by Ewa Sadowski

I got this Army officer hat for a friend for Christmas who absolutely loves it

verified 11/21/19
From: Orlando, Florida
I love it
by Dave

I really like this hat. Arrived quickly. It looks great, good quality materials, and it's very warm. I was traveling somewhere cold and got this hat for my trip and I couldn't have made a better choice. I would recommend getting at least 2 sizes bigger than what you measure. My head measured a 57-58 so I got a 59 and it was still a bit tight but after watching the video on stretching the hat out (which totally works btw) it fits great and is comfortable and is not squeezing my brain out. I'll go for a 60 or 61 next time. I'll probably be buying more as I love this style of hat.

verified 10/28/19
From: Massachusetts, USA
Great hat, great service
by Ken

I am very pleased with my hat--fine quality and great service. It is very warm and should serve me well during a cold New England winter.

verified 10/02/19
From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Great hat but Weird inner lining
by Mike

Greetings from Canada,
I ordered an Army officer of the Russian Federation mouton ushanka hat, about two weeks ago. Upon first inspection, i noticed that the inner lining of the ushanka was an unusual light grey colour and the sewing pattern was checkered all arround the inside of the hat.
I remember that Russian Ushankas of this sort had a black satin lining that had a vertical pattern on the side walls off the ushanka and the checkered pattern was only on the roof of the hat and it sometimes had a print stating the size and sometimes the factory and/or production year of the hat (like the one in the image on the website).
Maybe they might of changed the inner lining for some reason because i saw that an tag was sown on the main seem and there were some loose threads that i could pull out from the checkered pattern.
I expected the hat to have the black lining but instead i got a bit surprised when it had this gray substitute that's a tiny bit rougher that the black one. Maybe I just got a lemon xD ?

But in short, it's a great hat and I recommend getting an ushanka if you live in a place with cold winters :) .

verified 02/02/19
From: Chicago
It's Awesome!
by Rick

I just received my Army Officer of the Russian Federation Ushanka, and it is everything I hoped it would be. The sheepskin is very soft and warm. I love the wool top (wool is one of the best textiles- as far as I'm concerned). And the construction is great. I have no doubt this hat will keep my head warm in the harshest of Chicago winters.

I am also impressed with the speediness of delivery. I ordered on a Wednesday, and received it on Saturday. Now my wife wants one. I will be back!

verified 12/30/18
From: Baltimore, MD, USA
Best hat ever?
by Ken

As someone that wears a very large hat size I was very happy to see all the sizes available instead of the typical "One Size Fits Nobody" from most manufacturers. I purchased a size 64 and it was exactly to size. Shipping was very fast. As to the hat itself it is a delight. Extremely warm and very versatile with the various possible configurations of the ear flaps. Really almost too warm for many mild Mid-Atlantic winter days but I do get stuck outside for long periods from time to time and this hat keeps me toasty warm. The color of the wool is a fairly neutral dark grey that matches most anything. The fur itself is a lighter gray but because the fibers are so fine at certain angles in some light it will appear to have a bluish tint. Liner is very comfortable. Despite the extreme warmth of the hat I don't get sweaty, it seems to breathe well. This will be my cold weather hat for life I think!

verified 12/04/18
From: Dallas, Texas, United States
Army officer mouton hat
by Jim

The first hat I ordered was too small even though I added 2 cm to my size...I ordered a size 61 but was sent a 62..It was still too small....I returned the hat and ordered a size 64...Both arrived within two days of ordering...The size 64 fits perfectly...Great Service....HIghly recommend. Great quality despite the size problem...they evidently run small.
The hat is a bit heavy but it's like wearing an oven on your head....It's big enough to wear a baseball cap underneath so I have a visor also....Not cold enough in North Texas to wear often but I will have it for my hunting trips to Montana....

verified 12/04/18
From: Michigan, United States
My new favorite hat
by Shannon

This reminds me of my first ushanka from when I was very young, except this one is warmer. My first had black fur with a dark plaid outer shell, and it went with me everywhere in the colder months year after year. I feel that this one will do the same, The colors go with anything in my wardrobe and I get at least one compliment on it every time I go somewhere. Thanks Dmitry for the excellent hat, and the excellent customer service

verified 12/03/18
From: North Platte, NE, US
This Hat Deserves 5 Stars!
by Keith S.

After wearing a wool navy watch cap for many years, I decided to try a Ushanka. It was cold today when it arrived and the hat immediately demonstrated exceptional warmth. Really warm! Wonderful hat, very fast shipping. This has been a great purchase, thank you!

verified 12/01/18
From: Pleasant Grove, UT, USA
Outstanding quality.
by Tex

Hat did not fit, but replacement was sent immediately. Easy and pleasant to deal with.

Lots of compliments.

verified 11/01/18
From: 1337, 1337Land, United States
Great for northern temperatures.
by 1337 bro

The hat kept my head warm throughout last years winter and it will do the same this winter. The hat is extremely comfortable as well.

verified 09/05/18
From: Michigan , US
Awesome product
by Jeff

Delivery was quick and my ushanka was in perfect condition. The sizing was spot on and I’m looking forward to trying it out this winter.

verified 03/02/18
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer Michael R.

Shipped quickly and was able to track the delivery. Thanks!

verified 02/19/18
From: right of center, Earth
Army officer of the Russian Federation mouton ushanka hat
by ACS

The ushanka arrived yesterday in good condition.
Many thanks for your fast reply and good service.
For my opinion it is very well made. Due to other
customers reviews, I chose 62 for my headsize 60
and it fits like custom tailored.
After the first outdoor test I can say this:
It keeps your head warm and dry and due to its breatheability
you will not sweat under it. Moisture from outside will be kept
away. The ushanka does not absorb noise from
outside, even with flaps down - important while hunting. It is lightweight with only 315g and fits under my bicycle helmet due to its softness.
Conclusion: If you want to stay comfortable while fishing, hunting
or any other outdoor activities this is first choice.

verified 02/06/18
From: Redding, CA, USA
Get one!
by Jastin

Came a day late but that had nothing on the quality and comfortability of the ushanka! Though a bit bluish than the photo, it fits nice and snug. I run a size 56 and the last ushanka was a bit bigger (military ushanka have a tighter fit). Despite being a USSR surplus, the hat's quality still maintains the new-like shape and smell! Very happy with the product and the price! Thank you Dmitry:)

verified 01/10/18
From: OR, USA
by Amazon customer Ronald L.

This was a good experience. The hat arrived several days earlier than scheduled. The hat is very good quality and I am very satisfied. I would suggest buying one size larger than your actual hat size. The hat fits snugly but not too tight. My expectations were exceeded.

verified 12/21/17
From: Waterloo, ON, Canada
В такой, хоть на северный полюс!
by Ben Raskin

Здрасте (Hello);

Very comfortable, covers ears well, warm. I've seen ushanka style hats, but they are absolutely nothing compared to the real deal. Спасибо, oчень доволен (thank you, very satisfied).


verified 11/16/17
From: Балтимор, Марйланд, США
by Александр Борисович Мельников

Спасибо (благодарю)!
For English readers:
I have been very unhappy with seeing so many
poorly made knock-offs.
It nice to find warm touch from home.
I hope non-russian speakers will also enjoy
fine quality hats made russian way.
Удачи (good luck)

verified 11/11/17
From: WI, USA
by Amazon customer Douglas S.

All was good . Positive experience. Product was of good quality.

verified 10/31/17
From: Owasso, OK, USA
by Matt


I purchased a hat from you all on eBay on 10/17. I've had it for a couple of weeks now and I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase. The quality of the hat has exceeded my expectations by a large margin and I can't say enough about how warm this hat is!

Thank you for offering a great product at the right price. In the world of online retail, people seem to only take the time to complain about bad experiences, so I just wanted to take the time to let you all know that my purchase from you has been an excellent experience. I wish you guys all the best and I hope you stay in business for a long time so that I can buy my next ushanka from you, when (if) this one is ready to be retired.



verified 09/12/17
From: horseshoe bend, Arkansas, United States
warmest hat i have ever owned
by keith rogers

be advised this hat is not for a light american winter of 30-40F at that temperature your head will actually be uncomfortably hot. In my opinion this hat is useful for 10 degrees F and below which is what you should expect from a soviet sheepskin hat. in short this hat is the real deal.

verified 09/09/17
From: Jefferson, Oregon, USA
Happy customer
by Robert

Bought this hat for myself I wear a 7 3/8 us hat size and size 61 was perfect. The quality of this ushanka and the level of customer service is second to None! Order was processed and shipped vary quickly. Excellent customer service and quality product you will not be disappointed!

verified 02/24/17
From: Brussels, Belgium
by Pierre

The delivery was fast and the ushanka is as expected. It is warm and well made. I followed the sizing guide and it suits me well.
There was nevertheless a small flaw in the ushanka that shows that quality control of the product could be improved. But returning it would take money and time so I wear it as it hence four stars only.

verified 02/22/17
From: st charles, il, USA
Excellent purchase!
by Phil

The Army officer of the Russian Federation mouton ushanka hat worked very well for me this winter. The hat is very well made. The sizing guide that this website provided was very useful and allowed me to get a perfect fit. I would recommend this product and company.

verified 02/21/17
From: Chicago, IL, USA
Even Better Than Expected.
by Rob W.

It looks, fits and feels perfectly. And it's getting lots of use here in Chicago. Very highly recommended!

verified 02/20/17
From: Hampshire, UK
Army officer of the Russian Federation mouton ushanka hat.
by GC

The first hat I ordered never made it to the UK. Tracking showed it disappeared at Newark (from memory). I contacted Dmitry who advised me to wait until the mandatory delivery time had passed so he could then check its status. There was no trace of the hat, so he sent a second one at no additional charge, this time fully tracked to the UK. It arrived within days. An excellent hat and excellent service.

verified 02/20/17
From: LEEDS , West Yorkshire , United Kingdom
Army officer of the Russian Federation mouton ushanka hat.
by Craig

Exceptional item and delivered in superfast time to the UK for a trip to Finland. Only gripe is that some of the lining has become unstiched,this is a minor issue. Would definitely purchase from this company again.

verified 02/19/17
From: Missouri, USA
Great hat for harsh winters
by Steven J

It's a very excellent hat. Nice fit, great warmth, plenty of coverage, and looks great! Punching a hole for the insignia requires some care, but that's a minor nuisance at worst. All in all a great purchase!

verified 02/17/17
From: Wisconsin, USA
Other products?
by Bill

Excellent warm hat. Wish they could offer other products, such as gloves, jackets, and boots (Valenki) -- all useful here in Wisconsin. What other major world military is best equipped for Winter than the one which trains in Siberia?

verified 02/17/17
Exactly what I was looking for
by Matt S

it fits as described, it's just as i pictured it would be, solid quality, warm, comfy.

verified 02/11/17
From: MI, USA
Great product
by Nick

Great product. Fits well and very warm.

verified 02/08/17
Good Product Overall.
by Jordan

The quality of the product is very good, though the sizes run a bit small. Luckily, I was told this ahead of time, and ordered two sizes larger than normal. The hat fits perfectly.

verified 02/06/17
From: NJ, USA
Get one!
by MR

This is a very high quality product. The color is slightly darker than in the picture but very nice. There was a slight problem with my order and the customer service was prompt, and 1st class. I measure out at a size 60, but based on recommendations from other reviews ordered a 62 and it fits perfect. Can't wait to wear.

verified 02/06/17
From: Nc, United states
by Tim

Came within a few days after ordering, fits great and keeps my head warm. People at work love it. My coworkers kept asking where I bought it and they wanted one. Well made and didn't have to stretch it

verified 01/21/17
From: Chesterfield, NJ, USA
by Vince

I ordered item #013 "Army officer of the Russian Federation mouton ushanka hat". I'm very impressed with the quality and fit. After measuring my head at 62 cm Dmitry advised me to recheck because he believes I should be 60 cm. Sure enough he was right! He recommended 2 cm larger so I ordered a 62 and the fit is perfect! I also made a change in the insignia after placing my order. Dmitry was very quick to respond to my e-mails, he explained in detail the color and construction of the hat, took care of the insignia change and followed up with an e-mail saying he was happy to hear I received it and all was well with my order. Very good experience, I would not hesitate to purchase another.

verified 12/22/16
From: Сент Чарльз, IL, United States
by Phil

The Army Officer of the Russian Federation mouton ushanka hat is excellent. The fur is very soft and warm. The sizing guide provided by this site worked perfectly. I would recommend this hat and this company

From: Vancouver, WA, United States
by drake blue

The hat is quite nice and well made. The only problem I have with it is that it's a bit snug and smaller than expected.

verified 10/10/16
From: New York, NY, USA
by amazon customer M.O.

Excellent! High quality hat. (Size runs a bit small).

verified 09/29/16
From: TX, USA
by eBay customer Shelley W.

Good transaction. Fast delivery.

verified 08/29/16
From: CA, US
by amazon customer Carolyn D.

Great quality and fit.

verified 02/11/16
From: the Netherlands
by Matthieu

Got much help from the re-seller Dmitry and received my ushanka in just a few days. Although I'm from overseas Europe all went very smooth. I would order at ushanka again without any doubt. I recommend this store as being reliable, good service and very helpful.

verified 02/06/16
From: Anacortes, Washington, United States
Amazing Service, Hat, and Experience
by Alexander Stephens

I originally sent an e-mail to Dmitry interested in a ushanka that was out of stock for the size I was looking for. He responded back that same day explaining that it is reccomended to purchase a hat a few sizes larger, and also provided a very helpful chart showing height compared to average hat size. With this information I was able to purchase my ushanka the same day (Tuesday) and it was delivered that saturday; Two days ahead of its projected delivery rate, not to mention, I live on the other side of the country from where it shipped. The craftsmanship is outstanding, and it is easily one of the nicest hats I have ever placed on my head. Fantastic work!

verified 02/04/16
From: Milford, Michigan, United States
Best winter hat
by Wayne

I had a Russian roommate in college, always wanted a hat like his. Finally came across this website, with its many styles & choices. I selected your ushanka officer's hat. I gave it all 5 stars for its low weight, comfort, construction & a nice look. several weeks ago; everything about it is fine, although here in Michigan, we've had the mildest winter ever; so it hasn't yet experienced our usual below-zero - 20 F, & lower. Further, it shipped within a few days.

verified 02/01/16
From: Ohio
by Mike

I really enjoy this hat. It looks great & is very stylish. You can tell that it is well crafted with high quality material. I hope to be wearing it every winter for many years to come. Great service & was delivered on time in spite of the East Coast blizzard. Looking forward to purchasing the brown mouton army ushanka #002 when it becomes available.

verified 01/14/16
From: PA, USA
by Amazon customer: Rusty B.

great company to deal with. High quality product.

verified 01/09/16
From: TX, USA
by Amazon customer: Brenna M.

My son really wanted one of these so we bought it for a Christmas gift and he loved it. We went to to Colorado for Christmas and New Years and he wore it the whole time we were out and about. Wish I had bought one for myself. :)

verified 11/29/15
From: Liverpool, UK
by Colin Slade

Great hat. Always wanted one and glad I choose you guys. one happy customer.

verified 11/08/15
From: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
A big thank you!!!
by Joe Leger

I bought one of these hats from a few years back. I've got to tell you, it keeps my head warm through out the winter! you must understand that I HATE TOQUES!!!! I've hated those hats since I was a kid!! As a kid, every winter I always came within a hair's width of losing my ears to frostbite because of my stubborn refusal to wear a toque because I hated those hats and still do. Thanks to my ushanka, I cane brave the cold! I later went back to this site and bought a couple more ushankas so that I'll have some spares!! this site's service is awesome!!!

verified 09/22/15
From: Spring Brook Township, PA, USA
by Amazon customer: Kenneth P.

I'm very pleased with the hat, and I appreciate the extra pin they included. ^_^ I will definitely buy from Ushanka again if I need another warm hat that looks awesome. This one was a tremendous value.

verified 07/08/15
From: Concon, Chile
by Derek Marshall

Compré dos sombreros, uno para mi y otro para un amigo y son fantásticos, mucho abrigo y buena calidad del sombrero. Realmente una compra muy buena y quedé muy a gusto.

Gracias Ushanka !!
Derek Marshall

I bought two hats, one for me and one for a friend and they are awesome, good quality and warm hat. Really a very good buy and very comfortable.

Thanks Ushanka !!
Derek Marshall

verified 02/15/15
From: OR, USA
by Amazon customer: R Keith L.

A very nice hat, well made and warm. Wore it once, due to a cold snap, but it seems our winter is over for this year 2/15/15...68 degrees yesterday, Oh well there's next year. KL

verified 02/10/15
From: CT, USA
by eBay customer: mspoland1989

Just as described. Thank you!

verified 02/16/14
From: West Midlands, United Kingdom
by Nocka

After a couple of leather Navy Officer Ushankas (from elsewhere) that I wasn't too happy with, I decided to try this site. Ordered my Army Officer Ushanka -size61, which has a woolen top and straight away felt comfortable, should have ordered from here in the first place. It fits well with ears up or down whereas the leather one -size 62, was loose tied up and still too tight with ears down. This one is my current favourite hat, happy at last.

verified 02/09/14
From: Telford, PA , US
by Robert

This Winter I'm certainly glad to have the sheepskin ushanka. Fits perfectly and very nice toasty with the flaps down. Stitching thread is very good.

verified 02/04/14
From: WI, USA
by Amazon customer: James D.

I am very satisfied with my purchase! The Ushanka arrived in a timely fashion and in fine condition. Recommend highly.

verified 12/12/12
From: SC, US
by Jared B.

The ushanka I ordered kept my head completely warm through freezing sub zero temperatures while I was deployed for over half a year overseas. Thank you so so very much for your product. It was so worth the the money I have ordered another even though my previous product has not warn out the slightest bit. A big salute to Russian authentic winter headgear.

verified 10/28/11
From: Madison, WI
by Jared D.

I must say it is a very nice hat. Very warm for the Wisconsin winter.
If anyone knew how to deal with cold weather, it is the Russians.
I am glad I purchased it!

verified 08/15/10
From: Hacienda Heights, California
by Anthony R.

I got the hat in 3 days, and was totally blown away at how awesome it was. Thank you so much!

verified 10/15/09
From: Emporia, KS
by Jorge C.

Valentina, I'm writing to thank you for the great ushanka that I received on Tuesday. The shipping was really fast, and it arrived in great condition. The quality is amazing and it is so warm! I will definitely be buying from you in the future! Thanks again!

verified 12/31/08
From: Wilmington, NC
by Tyler L.

Just writing in to say thank you for the incredibly quick shipping and the beautiful, beautiful ushanka. I ordered the lamb fur army hat and couldn't be happier. And the insignia is just remarkable. I'll definitely be coming back to this site in the future (right now I'm eyeing that set of 50 pins). Thanks again and take care,

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