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Arctic circle Soviet officer authentic mouton ushanka.

Authentic, extremely rare original Soviet Army officer sheepskin ushanka, with longer length ear-flaps. These hats were worn by officers of the Soviet Army, who served in cold - northern areas, usually inside the
Arctic Circle.
Relatively few people live north of the Arctic Circle due to the Arctic climate. The three largest communities above the Arctic Circle are in Russia: Murmansk (population 325,100), Norilsk (135,000), and Vorkuta (85,000).
These ushanka hats were manufactured in Soviet Union and dated 1980's. New surplus stock.
For your convenience an insignia will come unattached to the hat.

Please note: We stretch two sizes of these hats to larger sizes using a professional machine that ensures the hats do not get damaged.
The sizes that are stretched are:
Size 54 to 55
Size 56 to sizes 57 and 58

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Item: #062

Price: $59.95 - $79.95

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Soviet officer mouton ushanka
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Soviet officer mouton ushanka Soviet officer mouton ushanka hat Arctic circle Soviet officer sheepskin winter hat

Price: $59.95 - $79.95
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This winter hat comes with one free authentic insignia (unattached). Click on insignia image to add it to your order.
Soviet Army soldier hat insignia One inch classic Soviet Red Star cap insignia Russian Imperial Eagle hat badge
Soviet soldier hat insignia for field uniform. Soviet MVD militsia officer hat insignia Soviet Naval Infantry enlisted man & NCO badge
No Insignia

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verified 04/16/20
From: Brno, Česká republika, Czechia
Question about proper use
by PablpP

I got this type from you, could not believe it is almost same age as me, like new! my question is, how to use properly the binding of ear flaps. There is a knob, short loop and long adjustable loop.

verified 02/02/18
From: Baldwyn, Mississippi, United States
Just in time!
by C Riley

If you want a top quality Arctic ushanka, you need look no longer. Dimitry at delivered first class service and a product better than I have seen before. Just file my review under the heading- This customer could not be more satisfied!

verified 10/21/11
From: Englewood, NJ
by Andrew Q.

I received my Ushanka, I love it, thank you for your service!

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