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Black sheepskin ushanka

This genuine mouton (sheepskin) Ushanka winter hat has very durable fur despite its luxurious look and feel.
This ushanka will keep you warm and safe in the severest cold weather conditions. If you get cold in this...stay inside. Running heavy equipment, ice fishing, stand hunting, or any other cold weather low activity environment.
This hat will keep you cozy while looking stylish all winter long.
Made of soft lamb fur, it features classic Russian winter hat style: tie it's warmish ear flaps beneath the chin, on top of the crown, or at the back - give three different styles to the hat.
Made in Russia or Belarus.
For your convenience an insignia will come unattached to the hat.
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Item: #086

Price: $89.95

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Mouton ushanka hat
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Mouton ushanka hat Black mouton ushanka Black sheepskin ushanka
Lining and padding of an ushanka hat

Price: $79.95
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This winter hat comes with one free authentic insignia (unattached). Click on insignia image to add it to your order.
Soviet Army soldier hat insignia One inch classic Soviet Red Star cap insignia Russian Imperial Eagle hat badge
Soviet soldier hat insignia for field uniform. Soviet Naval Infantry enlisted man & NCO badge Army officer winter hat insignia Current issue
No Insignia

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Customer Reviews

41 reviews | 5.0 of 5 Write a review
verified 11/17/20
From: Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
by Jason

Hat is awesome, feels a bit tight, but its new and needs to get broken in. I might suggest going a size up after rounding up. Beautiful hat and can't wait to wear it in the winter!

verified 11/10/20
From: Brezno, Slovakia
by Marek Veselovský

The best ushanka on market.

verified 07/09/20
From: Somo, Cantabria, España
Perfect choice
by Marco

Excellent quality, very warm... Waiting for winter time in the mountains of northern Spain. And very kind people, asking about the package and its travel to Spain.

verified 12/13/19
From: Maine, United States
Comfort and Quality
by Devin

This is the hat I choose to wear when temperatures get cold. It is simple, stylish, and keeps you comfortable at temperatures below 0° C (32°F). This is a hat that you will use and love for years.

When measuring for fit, I strongly recommend adding 1-2 centimeters - otherwise, it may be uncomfortably tight when worn for long periods.

verified 12/07/19
From: Шампейн, Иллинойс, США
Fantastic, warm hat! Отличный товар!
by Ваня Рисер was amazing! The hat was shipped very quickly and arrived much sooner than I expected. The fit was a bit snug, but lo and behold the slip that came with the hat had instructions for stretching the hat band out. I followed the instructions and now I have a perfectly fitting ushanka that has already kept me warm through many sub-zero Celsius (ниже нуля!) nights.

Спасибо большое,! Я очень рад тем, что нашел ваш сайт!

verified 02/13/19
From: Yorktown Heights, New York, United States
My ideal winter hat
by Stephen

It doesn't get better to keep you head warm in this nasrt winter Too bad it's from [utin land..

verified 01/03/19
Fantastic winter hat, will buy again
by Trais Hargrave

I've bought a couple ushankas from this website and I have to say, I've never been disappointed. This hat especially is amazing. It's so soft and warm, and a great investment for anyone looking to buy the only winter hat they'll ever need. I previously purchased a faux fur hat and had it for several years before finally upgrading to this one. I'm very pleased with this hat and will definitely be buying from here again on the future.

verified 12/14/18
From: Piscataway, NJ, US
Best Winter Hat and Comfortable Too!
by Robert

I was impressed from the minute I put it on. Not only very comfortable but definitely the warmest hat I've ever owned. This is what you call a serious hat for serious conditions. Very well made. No flaws noted. Lots of positive comments from my coworkers when I wore it for the first time. In fact, one wanted to know how he could get one. I have nothing but positive accolades to offer for this hat. Shipping was fast too.

verified 11/05/18
From: MO, USA
by J. A. G.

This ushanka is very warm and comfortable. I find faux fur extremely uncomfortable against my skin so I needed an afordable option with out compromizing on quality and I consider this to be optimal. I found the other reviews suggesting to order slightly larger to be very good advice. Sheep skin and furs will shrink overtime.

verified 04/22/18
From: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Black Rabbit Fur Ushanka
by Jeff R.

Hat was shipped really fast - I got it 3 days after placing the order. Order comes with email tracking. Email questions were answered promptly. FAQ page even has video links to help with things. I got the Eagle insignia and it isn't a cheap thin piece of metal like other places; nice and sturdy and fairly easy to install. I used a sharp nail to make the hole and then used a chopstick to enlarge the hole slightly to attach it to the hat.

verified 02/15/18
From: Bloomington, MN, USA
Best Ushanka hat
by Acer

I rarely wrote reviews unless a product or service is exceptionally good. The sheepskin Ushanka hat is nice and comfy; and the warmest hat I have ever owned; plus excellent customer service. Highly recommended.

verified 01/21/18
From: Brooklyn, Wisconsin, Dane
black skin ushanka
by Snellern

The fit was very good. It feels warm, but haven't worn it much yet. I have no complaints.

verified 01/16/18
From: Hudson Valley, NY, USA
by Stoyanovich

The best winter hat ever designed by human beings. Warm and great looking. Sizing is accurate. Fast delivery, too.

verified 01/04/18
From: KS, USA
by Amazon customer James L H.

Very warm, love it!

verified 12/27/17
From: Fond Du Lac, WI, USA

Excellent quality real fur hat, just like my old one wore in the middle school. Practical and durable.

verified 12/04/17
From: Mississauga , On, Canada
Love it!
by Natalia

Looks great. Boyfriend loves it. The only thing, I wish the insignia was already put on the hat. I had a bit of a hard doing it myself.

verified 03/17/17
From: San Antonio, TX, USA
Great product!
by Chip M.

This hat was exactly as described, arrived on time and in great condition. It is warm, and the main thing is it fits my big head.

I cannot recommend this cap enough, and will be purchasing others for my friends and family.

verified 02/23/17
From: Chicago, Il, Usa
Exceeded expectations in every way
by August

Product came fast, super super comfortable and warm

verified 02/22/17
From: Los Angeles , CA, USA
Outstanding quality, delivered fast.
by Cappa

Again, Outstanding quality, delivered fast.

verified 02/19/17
From: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Black Sheepskin Ushanka
by Mark T

My son's Christmas gift was a great hit. Its superior warmth and fold up flaps are practical during his frequent mountain backcountry hikes and boarding excursions. It always is a sure conversation starter around the lodge.

verified 02/16/17
From: Santa Maria, Ca, usa
2nd time around
by Charlie

I absolutely love my Ushanka, superb quality. I always gets head turns and compliments on it.
This is my second one, I bought my first one about 8 yrs ago and it got stolen. My own fault, Argh! I recently replaced it this Fall. Bought a coworker one for secret Santa since she loved mine so much. I will be getting different colors and probably as gifts again next winter Holidays.

verified 02/15/17
From: Michigan, USA
by Bill Kelly

A little tight, but well made and warm.

verified 02/09/17
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
black sheepskin ushanka--excellent product and service
by Greg Renault

I own several sheepskin and fur caps from, and am pleased with all of them. I purchased this one to go with a long black shearling coat, and it's the perfect accessory. Today is a cold weather alert in Toronto; I wore the shearling ushanka and was toasty warm. I always appreciate Dmitry's attention to customer service.

verified 02/07/17
From: Alliance, OH, United States
by Maxwell

I use this hat all the time, has to be the warmest hat I have ever owned.

verified 12/22/16
From: Mount Ayr, IN, United States
by James E.

This is the greatest hat I own. It's comfortable, warm and is made extremely well, I plan to have it for years to come. Highly recommended for any winter, but works in the coldest of temperatures.

verified 01/24/16
From: MN, USA
by Ebay customer: Hector P.

I recommend this seller and the hats he sell they are great thanks

verified 01/16/16
From: Vermont, United States
by Andrew Black

Just got my ushanka in today! Words cannot describe how happy I am with this product. Ever since I was 10 I've always wanted my own real fur ushanka to brave through the tough Vermont winters. Fist things first, I ordered this ushanka on Wednesday, it just arrived on early Saturday! 2 and 1/2 days to arrive! (Shipped from New York to Vermont, I even tracked the order and it went to New Hampshire first. So It jumped over Vermont then back, and still only took 2 and 1/2 days! First time seeing, feeling, and wearing this hat I fell in love! Stylish, comfortable, extremely warm and it fits perfect! I will forever be buying my ushankas from this website. The only place I could find real ushankas. I refused to buy any product not made in Russia, I wanted it to be 100% Russian ushanka and that's what this site has to offer. (and no its not just a name, the Russians really know how to do their stuff!) If I could rate this a 10 out of 5 I would have! Well done! I'll be buying a Karakul sheepskin one in the future!

verified 11/10/15
From: Chico, CA, USA
Top of the Line
by Anon530

I've had this ushanka for over 3 years now with little care and it's still just as good as when I first got it. Still keeps me warm and happy during the winter:)

verified 03/30/15
From: Texas, USA
by Amazon customer: Timothy W.

Great product. Was as described. Will use seller again!

verified 01/27/15
by Amazon customer: Joe Z.

Having had similar hats, I was looking for an upgrade and this was all that and more. The sizing explanation worked as my hat was a perfect fit and is without a doubt the warmest hat I have ever owed and recommend this item to anyone looking for a hat that can stand up to the coldest winter.

verified 01/24/15
From: Taipei City, Taiwan
by Dr. Mark G.

Thank you for your excellent service! The hat fits great and is even nicer than the ones I bought from you in the past. I have to tell you something--even though I have suits custom-made for me in Hong Kong and get compliments on them, I have never, ever experienced what happened when I wore your ushanka a few cold days ago in Taipei City. When it gets cold here, due to the humidity, it penetrates deeply into your bones. So, I wore my new ushanka in town (live on a mountain and wear it often here). Person after person came up to me to compliment me on my ushanka! Complete strangers! I have never seen anything like it! Thanks again!
p.s. I bought two hats, and my neighbor liked mine so much that I gave him my second new ushanka hat as a gift!

verified 01/15/15
From: MI, USA
by eBay customer: drumcatdrum

very happy customer top seller what a wonderful product so happy

verified 12/29/14
From: Coon Rapids, Minnesota , USA
by Denny

Just wanted to let you know I ordered and received a Black lambskin mouton ushanka hat. I am extremely satisfied and happy with the hat. I received it very quickly. It's a GREAT hat and appears to be well made. I definitely would recommend you to anyone!

Thanks so much.

verified 11/30/14
From: Iowa, USA
by Scott

I ordered the black sheep skin ushanka. I am VERY pleased with quality of my ushanka!! It's very well made. I live in Iowa where the winters can get VERY cold! This hat is exactly what I need. My wife, who is from Moscow, Russia, said I looked like I was in the military. LOL! But she loves the hat as well.
I would HIGHLY recommend this hat and I would recommend ordering it from!

verified 11/26/14
From: Chagrin Falls, Ohio , USA
by Fred E.

I received my black Mouton sheepskin Trapper Russian hat today, in record time. Let me tell you this is the place to buy a Winter Hat. The quality is just excellent--5 stars. The service that gives is also excellent. I will buy again. Go with the advice given to add two hat sizes to your hat size. My hat size is 7 1/2. I went from a size 60 to a 62. Perfect fit.

verified 11/15/14
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
by Adrian

I must say that I really love my hat, and that I have received many compliments from my friends and complete strangers! One of my teachers asked where I got my hat, and is considering getting one too! I also appreciate the extra Soviet insignia that you have given me for no extra cost. I highly recommend everyone to buy a hat from here, and to buy your exact size.
Also, the sheepskin Ushanka's are warmer then the rabbit fur Ushanka's. Confirmed by someone who bought both the black sheepskin and rabbit fur Ushanka.

verified 12/10/13
From: Valley Cottage, USA
by Mila Reid

Hi Dmitry and Ushanka Team! I received my Ushanka hat today, and not only was I excited about the Fast Delivery, but even More excited with the quality of my Ushanka. I highly recommend your company for those looking for top quality and great prices.
Thanks, and as we russians would say Спасибо

verified 02/12/13
From: FL, USA
by Amazon customer: Gabrielle G.

The hat arrived promptly and looked nice, but at first I thought it was wrong. I ordered sheepskin, but it looked like fake fur, and a tag said it was only 40% sheepskin, so I called the seller. He was very helpful and assured me the “fur” was 100% sheepskin, or mouton, sheepskin chemically treated to resemble fur. All doubt fled when I walked 3K in a snowstorm and it kept me snug and warm.

verified 02/01/13
From: Missouri, U.S.A.
by David C.

Brilliant hat , seriously if you want to keep your head and ears and back of your neck toasty REALLY toasty get one of these. I bought the $80 black sheepskin one
and I have to say its the best $80 ive ever spent totally worth it and would buy another one again without hesitation. Great product and super fast shipping as well 10/10

verified 01/10/13
From: Canada
by Mark from Ontario

Hi Guys,
Just want to say a BIG thank you for the Black Mouton Ushanka. It only took a week to arrive and I have just tried it on. It is absolutely gorgeous and fits like a glove. Too bad that we are on the verge of a mini heat wave for the first week in January(it is supposed to reach 11 celsius) as I can't wait to show it off. I have been telling everyone at work about it and they can't wait to see it either. Looks like you will be getting more sales from here soon. Again thank you for the beautifully made hat and the top notch professional service. Regards, Mark.

verified 12/04/12
From: TX, USA
by Amazon customer: Clarissa M.

Excellent service, shipping, and fantastic quality product! Would love to do business with again!

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