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Gray rabbit fur ushanka winter hat.

Authentic, farm-raised in Ukraine, 100% rabbit fur.
Fur color: shades of gray, black and white - will vary naturally from hat to hat.
Cotton lining is filled and padded with layers of hat cotton, viscose (rayon) and flax fibers.
This hat is hand made from only organic materials!
Made in Ukraine.
Fiber Content Label

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Item: #010

Price: $69.95

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Modeling winter hat
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Modeling winter hat Rabbit fur ushanka winter hat. Gray. Rabbit fur winter hat.
Winter hat made of authentic rabbit fur Padding Lining Rabbit fur hat

Price: $59.95
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Customer Reviews

73 reviews | 5.0 of 5 Write a review
verified 04/02/21
From: Minneapolis, MN, USA
The rabbit quality is amazing. No fur slipping.
by Pierre

I had purchased a white sheepskin for GF and karakul ushanka for myself in the past. Awesome hats with unmatched deep-winter-freeze utility! Just got a grey rabbit fur ushanka as a gift for a family member and it is beautiful, fuzzy, and ultra warm. Thank you for your great customer service and supplying this Russian in America with authenticity!

verified 02/04/21
From: North Carolina, USA
The real deal...silly rabbit just buy it
by Survivalust

Here is a video review of my purchase

verified 01/12/21
From: Kelowna, BC
Looks great and is super comfy
by William

The hat looks great and feels great. Comfy and warm. Customer service from Dmitry was also fantastic!

verified 12/23/20
From: WINNIPEG, MB, Canada
Beautiful and very good quality ...arrived very quickly
by Anna

At first I was worried thought it was a bit tight but after you wear it for a bit it fits perfect... it keeps you very warm, I live in Winterpeg.......i will be ordering another one today

verified 11/25/20
From: Tukwila, WA, USA
Wow it is so beautiful!
by Bojana

I am so pleased with this Ushanka, I can't stop wearing it, and it's not even that cold yet! At first it fit rather snug, but the second time I put it on it was already a bit stretched and now it fits just perfect. The quality of materials and workmanship is also superb, highly recommend this hat! Also, this was my best shopping experience in a while as I didn't have to create an account, so it was very quick to check out with PayPal.

verified 10/15/20
by Amazon customer James

Like everyone else, I’m very happy with my purchase. Proper size, well fitting and couldn’t be happier.

verified 09/21/20
From: Grand Rapids, MI
by Amazon customer Jason

Fit exactly as expected and arrived several days *before* the estimated arrival date.

verified 01/11/20
From: Prospect , Ct, USA
Under my ushanka A A
by Tony

Love it, comfortable, well made ,stylish

verified 01/05/20
From: Mt Shasta , Ca, Usa
by Kenneth

All I can say is she loves it and thats all that matters.

verified 01/02/20
From: Washington, DC, USA
by Joe

Gorgeous. Came quickly. Super soft. My Russian girlfriend loves it. Love the pin that came with it as well.

verified 12/14/19
From: Aurora , CO, US
by Michael Walker

The quality and workmanship are superb. I can't believe they are selling this for only $60.00. I have always wanted an all fur Ushanka of this quality, but could justify spending $200 for one. Whenever I wear it I always get compliments.

Definitely add .4 inch to the hat size; I did and ordered the size 64 and it fit perfectly.

verified 12/02/19
From: Bayard, NM, United States
by Jason

awesome..very warm in the cold

verified 11/13/19
From: Aurdal, Oppland, Norway
by Martynas

Terrific quality of customer service, when I did not get the automated shipping confirmation I sent an e-mail and got a response an hour later with all the details provided. The shipping was decently quick (1 week) and the hat quality is superb.
10/10 Would do business with again.

verified 03/19/19
by Gary S.

Excellent service and a terrific product!

verified 02/14/19
Grey ushanka
by Mike

I have 3. Exceptional quality, very well made, & warm as you know what. I’ve gotten a plethora of compliments & many inquiries as to where I got them. I send them here. I have really appreciated them during these cold snaps. I feel no cold either with the flaps up or down. You don’t get cold in these. Well worth the money. They make wonderful gifts & leave a good impression.

verified 01/28/19
by Tahir

Excellent service and a great product.

verified 01/20/19
From: Los Angeles, c, USA
Highly recommended
by JW

The best thing I can state is that I am a repeat customer. Great product, fast shipping and quality product. Highly recommended.

verified 12/27/18
From: Carmel, IN, United States
Great fur
by Denis

Customer service is fantastic. The product is unbelievable, great fur, strength, durability, all fantastic.

verified 12/06/18
From: Maryland, USA
by Rick C

Beautiful hat, very warm and well-made. Fits well. Gets lots of notice. Makes me look forward to colder weather!

verified 02/28/18
From: TX, USA
by Amazon customer James B.

Amazingly quick shipping, fantastic product. No, really, this is seriously the best hat I've ever worn in my life.

verified 02/17/18
From: Dover, NH, United States
Great hat!
by NH buyer

Received the package in about 5 days. Very warm. Looks like it will last a very long time. Quality stitching.

verified 02/08/18
From: South charleston, West Virginia, United States
Great quality!
by Coby T

My ushanka was perfect. Extremely warm and comfortable. Fit perfect, used the sizing direction on the site. Highly recommend.

verified 01/27/18
From: NE, USA
by Amazon customer Ms. Kathryn H.

Excellent quality.

verified 01/22/18
From: NJ, USA
by eBay customer Sergey S.

great hat, excellent seller!

verified 01/20/18
From: Fairmont, WV, 26554
Excellent Product!
by Tom S

Exceptional quality and craftsmanship! A very outstanding product at a great price. I am between sizes, so I followed their recommendation and ordered the next size up. It fits perfectly! This is the nicest and warmest hat I have ever owned. Judging by the quality I would say that it will last me for many winters to come - just follow the care guide and don't let it get soaking wet. I would recommend this hat to any one who lives in a cold climate area.

verified 01/03/18
Very warm
by Stephen Palonia

This is my hat for those few weeks where I live when it is relatively cold, maybe under 5 degrees centigrade. The rabbit fur looks good and is much better than fake fur.

I'd order about two sizes up from your normal hat size, i.e., about 2 centimeters larger. That way you don't need to use a hat stretcher. The fact that the ear flaps turn up make the overall diameter a little smaller when worn that way.

Although in theory you can let the ear flaps down, it does't look as good that way, as though they used the better fur for the always visible sectionss, and also the fur under the flaps get squashed down, so it has a sort of permanent "bed head" look

verified 12/13/17
From: The Forest, Norway
Quick shipping, as advertised-2
by BT.Sundal

Coming from Norway where it can be very cold in the wintertime i bought this hat to me and my girlfriend. It’s fantastic!!! Warm and its nice and comfortable. I recommend reading Ushanka information how to measure the size to get the correct hat size. The shipment from USA to Norway was the fastest ever! Thanks USHANKA!

verified 03/24/17
From: OK, USA
by Amazon customer Alexander J. F.

Tracking Info provided. Item as described. Packaged well. Arrival within projected delivery dates. Good seller

verified 03/01/17
From: Elkhart, IN
by David B.

I wasn't sure of the size to order so I contacted Ushanka and was explained how to determine what size to order. I had a problem with postal delivery but I give this company a gold star for their performance in customer service. They made sure I received my hat. I was very grateful and I love this hat.

verified 03/01/17
From: Baltimore, MD, USA
Quick shipping, as advertised
by Randy Daytona

I bought this product as a gift, having purchased a synthetic fur one for myself previously. The item arrived quickly and in pristine condition. I was immediately impressed by the volume of the fur. The hat does shed a bit, but that's par for the course. Overall a great experience

verified 02/03/17
From: Gettysburg, PA, USA
Great service & product
by Shirley

Surprised at the rapid delivery of this hat. Ordered for a grandson and, unsure of sizing, I needed to return and re-order. The replacement arrived just as fast, and we were equally surprised at the speed of refund processing. Great Hat!

verified 01/27/17
From: NJ, USA
by amazon customer Tatiana P.

Excellent quality, craftsmanship. An outstanding product at a bargain price. Will definitely order again.

verified 01/08/17
From: CO, USA
by amazon customer Timothy S.

Arrived faster than I thought, great product great company.

verified 01/07/17
From: NH, USA
by amazon customer Henry S.

Great hat, excellent quality, better than the knock-offs so many others offer. This is so good looking, I wear it with my dress overcoat and a suit.

verified 12/23/16
From: WA, USA
by amazon customer Tim L.

Excellent product. Better than I thought it would be. A fantastic hat!

verified 12/14/16
From: IL, USA
by amazon customer Ruby B.

Great product! Didn't need to contact seller.

verified 01/31/16
From: NJ, USA
by Ebay customer: Alexander S.

Prompt shipping. High quality, accurate description. Highly recommended. Thanks!

verified 01/30/16
From: NE, USA
by Ebay customer: Mike M.

Great product and service. Thanks!

verified 01/25/16
From: MO, USA
by Ebay customer: Silver W. C.

excellent item..super fast shipping..nice packaging about as good as it gets A+

verified 01/12/16
From: MN, USA
by Ebay customer: Matt M.

Great product, super fast shipping!

verified 12/30/15
From: Vennesla, 4700, Norway
by Anders

Best hat ever! My ears have never been warmer. Super quality!!
Fast shipping.
Will order more!

Greets from Norway

verified 12/30/15
From: NE, USA
by Ebay customer: Mike M.

Great product and service. Thanks!

verified 12/21/15
From: TN, USA
by Ebay customer: Tony R.

Item as described, great transaction, fast shipping, highly recommended

verified 12/18/15
From: Utah, USA
Super speedy delivery and a beautiful hat.
by Ciara

The hat that I ordered was of good quality and fit. The fur on the hat is made with different parts of the rabbit which add to the unique quality. Ear flaps are constructed with what looks like a rabbit's belly hair, wavy and gray-white, and the fur of the back on the top of the head. It's soft, well made and a fantastic gift that will not be duplicated! Good company to buy from, you will be impressed.

verified 12/07/15
From: NY, USA
by Ebay customer: Patricia S.

cool and warm hat!

verified 12/03/15
From: Kansas City, MO
by John

I just wanted to take time out as to personally send you a thank you for the beautiful trapper hat. I 100% love it. Never have my ears been so toasty warm and the hat is a real quality piece. If you have black , I will be buying another from you. Thanks again

verified 11/29/15
From: MA, USA
by Amazon customer: James E.

Authentic, recommend going up 2 sizes. Talk of town.

verified 11/25/15
From: MO, USA
by Ebay customer: Lowell W.

Top Quality, perfect transaction.

verified 09/10/15
From: A Guarda, Pontevedra, España
Just perfect
by XFA

Fast shipping, with Tracking number included! The ushanka is very soft and warm, and the badges are precious! Great purchase and great service :)

verified 01/13/15
From: NY , USA
by Amazon customer: Paul K.

Beautiful well made hat at an incredible bargain. Mine came within a few days, but the USPS promptly lost it, or stole it, and I never received it. Contacted Dmitry through email and he had a new one to me in two days. Great hat and great service!

verified 12/23/14
From: NC, USA
by Amazon customer: Henry W.

Absolutely great!!!!! The fit is perfect, the coloring great and just all around perfect. Courteous communication, quick and easy to deal with. Will recommend them and purchase from them again!!

verified 12/19/14
From: IA, USA
by Amazon customer: Marsha O.

My dog won't leave it alone. It is now wrapped and under the tree and I have to guard it! Very pretty.

verified 12/08/14
From: IL, USA
by Amazon customer: Nicole K.

Bought this as a gift for friend who says she loves it for Chicago winter. Sheds a little bit but does not detract from the overall quality.

verified 12/02/14
by Amazon customer: ATL

Great product. Its a little larger than I expected but no matter--its high quality and is definitely going to keep my head warm!

verified 12/01/14
From: PA, USA
by Amazon customer: Michael L.

These guys are great! So I order the product in the style and size I prefer and it was surprisingly available, then it ships of course. I check tracking and the order goes 3 hours off in the wrong direction which is when I then contact them with a slightly terse message. They used some comedy in response which was surprising, they were right about the issue not being either of us. Good service!

verified 11/11/14
From: Guatemala City, Guatemala
by Carlos Cifuentes

First I apologize for my poor English proficiency, on Friday received my Ushanka Rabbit Fur, I love, I must say that the quality of the product is much higher than I imagined, I bought this hat for my girlfriend, and I'm sure she'll love it, I think because of you she's going to love me a little more, given how beautiful and original product, especially in a country like mine where such clothing are rare.
Greetings from Guatemala, Central America.

verified 11/10/14
From: South Mississippi
by Paul

You've seen others, but look no further. This hat is the real deal!
I know, I know, South Mississippi... but I travel a lot to the Great White North!

verified 10/21/14
From: Wisconsin , USA
by Amazon customer: Boquan C.

It is an awesome hat, if you love your winter look to be more Russian. Fortunately I do and this hat definitely is warm, thick and simple. I am glad it has strings instead of Velcro on this hat, as Velcro does not last forever. Now I just need to wait for December and put up this hat.

verified 10/20/14
From: Massachusetts, USA
by Amazon customer: Yining L.

Really surprising hat! Special and luxurious!

verified 01/21/14
From: MD, USA
by Amazon customer: Rich M.

This hat is great! My father loves it and people give him complements on it all the time. Great quality.

verified 12/05/13
From: MI, US
by Cheryl E.

Dear Dmitry,
I am not typically a buyer who writes about my purchases. But the three hats I purchased from you are so beautiful, so finely constructed and were so well received by my teenagers, (who begged me to give them to them as soon as they found out they had arrived), I had to send a note of thanks and praise. It is rare to find outstanding product quality, excellent customer service and fair prices all at the same retailer. You and your team are getting it right on every count and you have several new young customers for life!
Cheers and Happy Holidays!

verified 11/13/13
by Amazon customer: Brad S.

Very well made. Stupid warm! Out does my old Mad Bomber rabbit hat! Only draw back is with the flaps down you can't hear (but if it's cold enough for Flaps down you probably don't care if you hear.) You'll be like George Costanza and not need a coat!!! Fit was spot on!!! Will definitely recommend this product and seller!

verified 10/31/13
From: PA, USA
by Amazon customer: Terry H.

TEN TIMES BETTER THAN DESCRIBED!!! I was taken aback at the quality of the hat-it's remarkable!!!!!!!!! I will be ordering 1 or 2 more in the coming weeks. This shows why you pay money(although it is STILL very affordable) an avoid Chinese junk. This hat is proudly made in Russia and the materials are TOP NOTCH. The sizing charts are accurate, so measyure your head and follow it. FANTASTIC HAT!

verified 02/22/13
From: PA, USA
by Amazon customer: Robert S.

I love it it is eavery thine thay said it would to be it is a real nice hat and wel mad

verified 02/14/13
From: WI, USA
by Amazon customer: John S.

I ordered wrong size but they were helpful in getting it straightened out.

verified 11/29/12
From: SC, USA
by Amazon customer: Jenny H.

I bet my husband's head and ears wont be cold snowboarding this holiday season!

verified 11/05/12
by Amazon customer: Linda D.

I bought it for my husband he absolutely loves it!

verified 10/19/12
by Amazon customer: Volodymyr D.

Great seller, very nice hats, and fast shipping!

verified 02/25/12
From: Norfolk, UK
by Andrew S.

I received the rabbit hat just the other day.. Wow! What a beautiful thing- the colours and texture are just wonderful! Great shape too. So I am very pleased. Thank you for your attention,

verified 12/25/11
From: San Francisco , CA
by Lola G.

Dear Valentina,
Thank you so much for your amazing service! I ordered the hat for my friend as a Christmas present. I was really worried it wouldn't make it here before Christmas but it came within three days! The hat is beautiful, so well made. You should have seen the look on my friend's face. His face lit up! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Merry Christmas!

verified 12/19/10
From: WA, US
by eBay customer: lynxlover03

Such a beautiful hat and it got in here right in time

verified 12/01/10
From: UK
by Bobby

First of all, let me congratulate you on your amazing hats. The quality of my hat is astounding and the delivery to the UK was very very quick especially considering Christmas being so near. Your customer service is on a par with the quality of the hats! I have never had after sales service for clothing but you provided extremely valuable tips that will help me enjoy my Ushanka more! Amazing! Thank you.

verified 10/15/08
From: NJ , United States
by eBay customer: samuelmolina


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