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Karakul sheepskin ushanka. Black.

This ushanka hat is made with genuine Karakul sheepskin fur.
Karakul fur is also known as astrakhan fur / persian lamb / swakara etc. Karakul name comes from Qorako‘l, a city in Bukhara Province in Uzbekistan.
You can tie the warm comfortable ear flaps either beneath your chin, on top of your head, or at the back for three comfortable styles.
Made in Russia.

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Item: #088

Price: $199.95

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Karakul winter hat
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Karakul winter hat Astrakhan fur Karakul fur winter hat
genuine karakul fur

Price: $149.95
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Customer Reviews

15 reviews | 5.0 of 5 Write a review
verified 02/04/21
From: Spokane, WA, United States
Overall great buy! Very warm. 2-day free shipping for me was nice!
by Gene

Happy with size choice. I was in-between sizes and rounded up.

verified 01/21/21
Karakul sheepskin ushanka. Black.
by Steven K

Absolutely incredible! superior craftsmanship!

verified 11/07/20
From: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Warmest hat EVER!!!
by Gary G.

works great. like the sizing instructions say. if you are a half size move to the larger size. the wool top version dose shrink a bit over time. The hat is so warm, most of the time you wont have to lower the flaps

verified 10/24/19
From: Minneapolis, MN
Thank you!
by Pierre

Just like my grandfather wore back in the motherland. Also, makes one look way more handsome.

verified 01/22/19
From: Niles, IL, United States
by Steve

This hat is amazing! I would recommend it for anybody out there shoveling snow. Thanks You Guys for Great Service!

verified 01/16/19
From: Columbus, OH, United States
by Martin

I have always loved Ushanka hats for winter. They are practical yet sophisticated imo. This Ushanks exceeds all expectations for me. Expertly crafted, with sound structure and a touch of heft which informs the quality of the hat. I love the look and feel of Karakul wool. It's classic Russian and I am thrilled to purchase at a reasonable price. The folks at provided expedited service and it would be a privilege to purchase from them in the future. Excellent product

verified 01/02/19
From: Edison, NJ, United States
Great service. Great Product.
by Edward Wilenski

Ordering was quick and easy. Delivery was fast. The sizing chart on the website was very helpful. I purchased the astrakhan ushanka. I'm in between the sizes offered and ordered the next largest size, so it was slightly large. However, the website has useful tips for shrinking or stretching your ushanka. I followed the instructions, and now have a perfect fit. I'm very happy!

verified 07/16/18
From: Burbank, California, USA
Karakul sheepskin ushanka. Black.
by Addison

I bought this hat in preparation for me and my family moving to a much, much colder climate than sunny California. I'm very pleased to say that it arrived on schedule. The karakul is so much softer than I thought it was going to be, and I'm thrilled that the hat fits nice and snug on my size 58 head. It's super warm, very "official" looking, and I'm really looking forward to taking this fantastic hat with me to the great beyond. Thank you!

verified 05/22/18
From: Blue Mountains, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Very high quality, super warm, feels and fits like a glove.
by David Markham

Since recently taking delivery of my Karakul Ushanka, I have made it a point of espousing to my friends and colleagues the awesome quality, warmth, comfort and craftsmanship of it - not to mention the prized value of the Karakul fur in the first place.
Admittedly, it is not quite cold enough yet in my particular Oblast to warrant wearing it on a daily basis, but I could not hesitate to include it in my next alpine trip, or when I just want to don some rare European style on a cold winter's day in the burbs. Highly recommended.

verified 05/20/18
From: Freistadt, Upper Austria, Austria
Karakul sheepskin ushanka. Black
by Robert Milic

It fits perfectly and the quality is awesome.

verified 04/08/18
From: Deep in the Mountains of WV, WV, USA
Karakul sheepskin ushanka. Black.
by SRC

The magic of having a mild winter after buying a Ushanka is still working great! That being said I did get to wear my black Karakul sheepskin ushanka quite a bit this winter! All three of my Ushankas are nice, but this one is the nicest. I’ve had several compliments on it this winter and maybe by next winter the magic will wear off enough to test it more thoroughly!

verified 01/17/18
From: Westminster, Md, USA
Extraordinary Hat
by Ed

This hat is incredible. It is a beautiful hat and insanely warm. Well worth the price. Dmitri made sure it shipped promptly. This is my 3rd purchase from Ushanka and all 3 items are of high quality. Thanks Dmitri and Ushanka

verified 12/31/16
From: Athens, Ga., usa
by George Erwin

adjusts well very warm

verified 10/26/16
From: NC, USA
by amazon customer Gary E. H.

Very nice and well-made hat, it will definitely help keep you warm and make you feel cozy. If you're having trouble inserting the star, the trick is to work it into the fabric, push, release, push.

verified 08/23/16
From: Syracuse, NY, USA
Russian Imperial Eagle Hat Badge
by Anastasia Elise

Will be ordering this month in addition to the Russian Navy officer insignia current issue and black sheepskin ushanka hat

Anastasia Romanov

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