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Russian police (militsia) MVD blue mouton ushanka hat.

This hat made of genuine mouton sheepskin fur and has wool material on top. It is excellent to keep the ears and neck warm, help block out the cold wind with the ear flaps and soft quality material. Great for cold days outdoors, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hunting or anytime you need to keep warm and in style.
Just tie its warm comfortable ear flaps beneath your chin, on top of the crown of your head, or at the back. It will give three different styles to the hat. Quilted and padded satin lining inside.
Made in Russia.
For your convenience an insignia comes unattached to the hat.

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Item: #052

Price: $59.95 - $64.95

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MVD mouton ushanka hat
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MVD mouton ushanka hat Russian police (militsia) MVD hat Mouton ushanka blue
Inside view ushanka

Price: $59.95 - $64.95
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This winter hat comes with one free authentic insignia (unattached). Click on insignia image to add it to your order.
Russian navy seaman hat insignia. Current issue Soviet Army soldier hat insignia One inch classic Soviet Red Star cap insignia
Russian Imperial Eagle hat badge Soviet MVD militsia officer hat insignia Army officer winter hat insignia Current issue
No Insignia

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Customer Reviews

39 reviews | 5.0 of 5 Write a review
verified 03/08/21
From: Cansda
Excellent hat
by Keith

Fitting instructions were perfect.

The quality is outstanding, and the final product was amazing. I am very happy with my ushanka and plan to order a couple more.

Service from the company was excellent.....shipped the next day.

verified 02/13/21
From: Wirral, UK
Ushanka police hat
by Mark Davies

Excellent hat . Very warm . Superb customer service from Dmitry. Will definitely recommend.

verified 01/04/21
From: United States
Great Hat!
by Duy

High quality hat, very comfortable to wear and warm. It shipped very fast and Dmitry was very helpful in answering questions.

verified 11/15/20
From: LA, CA, US
Amazing hat
by Aron Denisovich

Very cool hat and one that’s a must have if you want your head warm for the winters!!! I’m lovin’ it!!! The price is totally worth it, no regrets buying it!!!

verified 07/09/20
From: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
Durable and Comfortable
by David Bergmann

This ushanka is definitely the most comfortable ushanka I have ever worn. The "fur" on it is extremely soft, the flaps cover all of the side of my head, and most importantly, it is very warm. Another note I would like to add is that the customer service is very fast and was very helpful when I had a question about the color of the wool.

verified 03/06/20
From: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
The most comfortable hat I've ever worn
by Phoebe

I have wanted a ushanka for a long while and had just what I wanted! It shipped in just a few days and it fit so well and was so soft. certainly offers some of the best customer service as brands their size. Thank you!

verified 02/12/20
Best winter hat
by Zach

I’ve worn ushankas my entire life, the gray-blue militsia color is perfect. High-quality materials, It keeps me warm outside and during my kid’s hockey games.

verified 01/04/20
From: Fredericksburg, VA, United States
Amazing high quality hat, and great service!
by Tanya

The Ushanka fur was REALLY soft, I've actually used it as a pillow when I take naps at work haha! But it keeps me warm, and I'm really happy with my purchase and the high level of customer service. I didn't think y'all would send it out so quick but you did! I can't wait till the sheepskin mittens (lobster claw) come back in stock in my size. I'm definitely getting those.

verified 01/02/20
From: Nescopeck , PA, USA
My husband loves his ushanka !!
by Susan

Got this for my husband for Christmas & he has been wearing it daily since then ! Very good quality, looks great & he says it is good & warm. Color is just right.

verified 12/27/18
Best thing on the market
by Pavel Igorovich

Silly Capitalists believe that they can make $0.50 Ushanka from band-aids and hobo beard leavings and no one will notice? Blyad, I say! My Comrade was duped into buying such wicked garbage, and wouldn't you know, within a week he is saying tschort like, "Maybe Capitalism isn't so bad, I mean, great economics make great countries." "Debil", I told him, as I knocked off his ratty filth and replaced it with a Militsia Ushanka, "you cannot override liver functions if you are American!" Three shots of Ruski Standard and half a cheburek later, and he is back to normal. Thank you for your help,! Your products and accessories are truly slav!

verified 12/06/18
From: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Woolen Helmet!
by Artemio

Sturdy build quality, great color, and impervious to the elements.

verified 10/31/18
by Seraphim

When I was nine I received the militsia blue ushanka from (this website) for Christmas, ten years later I am a 19 year old man and I bought another because I needed enough sizes up to warrant getting another,and received it today. My ushanka from when I was a boy is still in perfect condition after 10 winters of keeping me warm through the bitter cold weather, I think its safe to say sells quality authentic Slavic headwear that will last you through whatever you throw its way, while keeping you warm for years to come. Thank you, for keeping me warm all these years. Thank you for the amazing product.

verified 10/10/18
From: Texas, USA
Hands down best Ushank I've ever worn
by ROFLChief McJOFLChief

When I first got my Ushanka, it was roughly two sizes too small. However, not only did give me the option to send it back, but they also gave me a tutorial on stretching it out myself! When my Ushanka was completed, I hesitatingly put it on, and was introduced to a whole new world; I usurped the Slav King himself, squatting atop a throne of AK's. I made and feasted upon Chebureki, and drank an entire bottle of Vodka, all in one sitting. 10/10 made me wipe out my entire western spy family

verified 02/04/18
From: San Francisco, California, USA
by Kevin

Love my Ushanka. Great quality, comfort and superb style. Wore it back to Chicago for the super cold Holidays and it was so warm and stylish. Plus, just TONS of compliments. Great service too: fast shipping, etc. Highly recommend Thank You

verified 01/25/18
From: Bucharest, Romania
Great service
by Crina

Thanks for the order, the hats are lovely, good quality and warm enough. Would purchase again.

verified 01/08/18
From: IL, USA
by eBay customer Sean O.

Great Company.... With the Best Ushanka s

verified 12/26/17
From: Lee’s Summit, Mo, USA
Love it simply a great hat
by E. Williams

Love it keeps your head warm and cozy so to speak and just works great. Some of my buddies give me a little crap about the fact it’s Russian but when their ears are frozen and mine are fine I just laugh at them.

verified 12/12/17
From: TX, USA
by Amazon customer Charles H.

Fast delivery, excellent packaging, and after-sale support was super fast and concise.

verified 08/19/17
From: San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Excellent Service and Product
by A. Arredondo

Excellent service and excellent product. I am in Mexico and had no problem with the product arriving promptly and in excellent condition. I definitely recommend purchasing from Ushanka with confidence.

verified 06/28/17
From: Ust-Kamenogorsk, EKR, Kazakhstan
blue mouton ushanka
by Nuc Med

I think I have bought about ten different ushankas from Dmitry over the past few years (only three for myself) and they are always well received by people.

Where I live, it drops to -55C, so during winter, they are required headgear when waiting for the bus ... and the rest of the time when outside.

I can highly recommend ...

verified 05/08/17
From: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
by Andrea A

My husband gave me this Ushanka as a present because I'm very sensitive from the cold and this completely solves my problem! It gets so warm in a matter of minutes, it looks great and proudly made in beautiful Russia.

Such a great product and service.
Thank you!
I will and definitely recommend this website and products!

verified 02/27/17
From: CT, USA
Blue Moulton Ushanka rocks!
by Frank from Connecticut

The sheepskin mouton is very warm -- neck is never cold. The product is well made and very sexy -- I'm always getting compliments from the ladies and my mother. I would buy this product many times over! Thank you!!!

verified 02/08/17
From: ME, USA
Mother Russia brings you her Finest!
by Devin

Absolutely wonderful for the cold. I used it on a few trips to Norway during the winter and found I occasionally had to remove it in the "heat" of 20 - 30 degrees!

I would suggest getting a size larger than your head's measurement so that you can avoid getting a hat too tight - there isn't *too* much room for expansion.

It is important to note that the ear-flaps are held together by cords and not a buckle or clasp - this can be an issue (but not impossible!) when trying to tie it with heavy gloves.

I found it most comfortable with the ear-flaps folded halfway down, connected in the back. It is very easy to put on quickly and it gives you a little more room to move your head around.

All in all this is stellar quality,you get great customer service and absolutely fantastic value. IT IS WORTH IT!

verified 12/20/16
From: Fillmore, CA, USA
First hat I've owned I can call cozy
by Aries256

This is a excellent ushanka! Feels well made, warm and cozy. Also is a wonder blue hue. The insignias that came with it seem very well made. The fit is perfect. I will be looking forward to a black one for work very soon.

verified 12/16/16
From: ND, USA
by amazon customer Adam S.

arrived promptly, it was as described

verified 02/29/16
From: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
by Brian

Just got the MVD in the mail. I love this hat. It's warm and fits well, I can't wait to start using it. Fast service, great products and tons of helpful information to make it fit correctly. Thanks!

verified 02/22/16
From: 9514 Oakland Rd, New York, United States
Great quality and fast delivery.
by Wade Ely

This is by far the best ushanka I own, love the blue. Really comfortable and is a perfect fit. Delivery was very fast.

verified 01/15/16
From: NY, USA
by Ebay customer: James C.


verified 12/20/15
From: Laffitte, France
by Amazon customer: Pasini L.

Great transaction! Beautiful and qualityful hat!

verified 12/12/15
From: Max, Bavaria, Germany
Winter is coming, bring it on!
by Max

As another cold Bavarian winter approaches, I decided to get myself a sturdy warm hat. I remember seeing Soviet military ushankas being sold in east Berlin and i decided to finally get myself one. Even though Russia is much closer than America, the item was here within one week of ordering and the customer service was fantastic. The hat is warm, sturdy, fits perfectly, and is stylish with the Russian eagle on the front.
... now if i could just win back my Russian ex-girlfriend ;)

verified 12/09/15
From: Mukilteo, WA
by Built Like a Russian Dumptruck!

Recently, when I needed a cold weather hat, I visited several local outdoors stores, but didn't see any hats that really impressed me.

I asked myself "Who would be the experts in making really warm hats?" Then it hit me! The Russians! Having visited Russia as a tourist during the winter some 30 years ago, I remembered how great their hats are.

I received my Yushanka today. Wow! It is the real deal! I bought the Russian police (militsia) MVD blue mouton ushanka hat. It is exactly as advertised. Shipping was prompt. Quality is excellent. Price is fair. What more could you ask!

Be sure to read the instructions on sizing so that you order the right size. I recommend measuring in centimeters, as that's how the hats are sized.

I am looking forward to some really cold weather! This hat is up for it. This hat makes the cheap Chinese-made junk sold to American stores look pathetic.

This is the real deal! Thanks!!!

verified 11/27/14
From: North Carolina, USA
by Tar Heel

The time between my order and delivery was very short and I am grateful for the sizing help given by ushanka team. The police ushanka I ordered came as described and fits perfectly. The sheepskin material is of high quality and feels nice to the touch. Will definitely consider buying from this site again. Overall experience 5/5!

verified 02/24/14
From: MD, USA
by Amazon customer: Richard C. C.

Lovely soft warm hat, promptly shipped. Arrived way ahead of due date.

verified 12/30/13
From: Worthington, Oh, USA
by Will F.

I just got my ushanka today. It is very nice and I am pleased with it a lot. This is the best costumer service and shipping experience that I have had. Thanks!

verified 03/07/13
From: Hemet, CA
by Jonathan O.

It has been a while since I have purchased a blue wool Soviet ushanka and there was a mix up with the badges and Dmitry gave me the correct one. Thank you very much for an authentic product. I will highly recommend you to a friend.

verified 03/07/13
From: Kansas City
by John L.

Got an ushanka militsia, the mouton wool is very soft. This is a warm hat, and it fits well. Shipping was quick. I give it ***** stars!

verified 11/21/12
From: Quebec, Canada
by Sebastien C.

Just received the Ushanka today
This is some seriously well made hat the skin is well made and even smell as it should it makes me remember the one I had when I was a child. I am truly satisfied with it. Even my wife says that when she was a kid in China the good Ushanka’s were never made locally they always came from Russia.
Thank you so much.

verified 09/17/12
From: Dallas, TX, USA
by Amazon customer: Stephen W.

Like everyone else in the world, I'm in am in no mood for headaches, hassles, and bad products. They had my ushanka in the mail next day. Can't imagine anyone else selling a better military ushanka than the one I got; great stiching and quality wool and fur. Received 2 USSR pins. If in need of another ushanka, zero thought, I'm sticking with them.

verified 03/12/12
From: IL, USA
by Amazon customer: Susan A.

This hat is great, just like what we saw on the website - thanks!

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