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Russian ushanka winter hat. Black.

This Ushanka hat is warm and comfy, as well as stylish. Thick and soft artificial fur covers the outside. The ear flaps that can be worn up, behind or down.
Cotton lining is filled and padded with layers of cotton, wool felt, viscose (rayon) and flax fibers.
Made in Belarus from the highest quality locally manufactured materials only.
For your convenience an insignia will come unattached to the hat.

Free shipping in the U.S.!

Item: #028

Price: $24.95 - $29.95

in stock
Black fur ushanka
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Black fur ushanka Black winter hat. Imported from Russia. Russian ushanka winter hat. Black.
Ushanka ear flaps in the back

Price: $24.95 - $29.95
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This winter hat comes with one free authentic insignia (unattached). Click on insignia image to add it to your order.
Soviet Army soldier hat insignia One inch classic Soviet Red Star cap insignia Russian Imperial Eagle hat badge
Soviet soldier hat insignia for field uniform. Soviet MVD militsia officer hat insignia No Insignia

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Customer Reviews

298 reviews | 5.0 of 5 Write a review
verified 01/22/21
From: St Charles, Illinois, USA
High quality comfort!
by Anna

Amazing quality and super soft! Its a shame I bought the wrong size the first time (make sure you measure yourself right!), but the material was sturdy on the inside and soft on the outside, so it did its job well! I will be recommending this company to any of my friends interested in ushanka hats, I love their wide selection of material types as well.

verified 01/22/21
From: Cleveland, OH, USA
Ushanka? U know it!
by Jenn B

This is an excellent quality hat and backed by great customer service. I bought them for my daughters whose heads are very warm and also very stylish.

verified 12/14/20
From: Arkansas, USA
Great Hat!
by Deanna

I bought this hat for my son for Christmas and have yet to give it to him, but I am sure he is going to love it. The materials used are high quality and it is very well made. I would definitely recommend this company and their products.

verified 11/06/20
Very nice hat.
by The Ryan's.

I ordered this hat for my son and he liked it. Now we are ready for winter! It's well made and I am impressed with it's quality.

verified 10/23/20
From: Kentucky, United States
Stunning quality!
by Zinoviya Ulyanov

Personal this was better quality than I could had ever had imagined! It is stunning and just beautiful!

Sadly, so beautiful my son wanted one too so well had to order him one too before he stole mine =P

But highly recommend for anyone for this price level!

Thank you and will be shopping from again for sure!

verified 10/21/20
From: Sylmar, CA
by Amazon customer Christopher

Very comfortable and very soft. Luckily I got the right size. Pinning the logo onto the Ushanka was a little difficult but worth it. Can't wait for Halloween!

verified 09/21/20
by Amazon customer Brandon

Wonderful Product. Exactly what i wanted, its so nice, warm, and comfortable. The price is amazing as well. And yes listen to the comments/reviews get one size bigger then your actual size. I did that and it fits perfectly on my head!

verified 05/21/20
From: Kailua, HI, USA
Better than I expected
by Dale H

This was a gift for my son.
He loves it! Online ordering was easy, and it arrived in a timely manner. No problems...I would order again from

verified 04/14/20
From: Tucson, Arizona
by Amazon customer Jose

We got exactly what my son ordered- thank you

verified 02/19/20
From: Canton, OH, United States
Pretty good
by dakota ferguson

I expected it to be a litter bigger length wise and it seemed a little smaller than the size I ordered it in, but other than that great quality and good, fast shipping.

verified 02/12/20
From: Miami, Florida, United States
The undisputed supplier of ushankas on the internet!
by Hunter

I give 4 stars because despite it being an excellent made hat, the photos don’t exactly match what you receive. I am taking about the inside of the hat the lining. If you look at the inside, the photo that displays this hat shows a fabric lining. I received a polyester type of lining. This is a small detail but it’s not what the photo was and the fabric lining fees better in colder/cooler weather. All in all I am a little disappointed, but for the price this is an outstanding value and is a reliable and trustworthy company.

verified 01/31/20
From: Ohio , USA
Russian ushanka winter hat
by Matson

Fast shipping. Hat is wonderful! Son loves to wear it. Fits great, looks good, and is very warm. Very good quality.

verified 01/06/20
From: macungie, pa, US
Russian ushanka winter hat. Black.
by Evans

We purchased this hat 2 years ago for our son and Just purchased him this same one last month because of him outgrowing it. The quality is amazing. I highly recommend purchasing from this company

verified 11/05/19
From: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Russian ushanka winter hat. Black.
by Steven

The ushanka was delivered quickly, is well made, and is very comfortable! The insignia came detached in a small paper envelope. For those who might be worried about getting the hat size exactly right, the instructions came with information on how to adapt its size if you were slightly off in your measurement.

verified 01/24/19
From: West Berlin, NJ, USA
Russian ushanka winter hat. Black.
by Michael W

Excellent - Item delivered on time, was as described, great customer service!

verified 01/22/19
From: Florida, United States
Very good
by Zachary

Great hat! It definitely keeps me warm. Although there isn't much use for it in Florida, it's useful when travelling somewhere cold. The pin came unattached and was easy to figure out.

verified 12/24/18
From: West Hartford, Connecticut, United States
by Ira

Perfect fit! if you follow the instructions on how to measure your head, you will thoroughly enjoy as I am! Quality materials and the question I receive is; "where did you get that?" It keeps you really warm

verified 12/03/18
From: Berlin, germany
by Yeeterson

I feel so slav in this hat

verified 04/19/18
From: Seattle, WA, USA
by Peter

Now I can squat with confidence.

verified 04/02/18
From: Citrus Heights, California, United States of America
Black Ushanka
by Shawn Perry

I love this hat! It’s so warm and cozy. I would expect a hat with this low of a price to be very low quality but oh boy I was wrong. This is now my go to place for the warm hats.

verified 03/05/18
From: P
by eBay customer Arnie P.

Hat arrived quickly and as described! Great seller!

verified 02/15/18
From: MO, US
by eBay customer Joseph B.

Very fast shipping! Ushanka is as described, very satisfied!

verified 12/15/17
From: Amsterdam, Nederland, Nederland
Black fur hat.
by Marcel

Ordered on december 10, arrived in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on december 15. In just five days I got a black fur hat that fits and looks perfect. My wife is so happy with it. No wonder Ushanka gets a 100% positive feedback on Ebay. I might buy another one for me.

verified 12/14/17
From: Östersund, Choose a State, Sverige
Really Nice!
by Mikael

Took about two weeks to get it all the Way to Sweden so order in time if you need it at a certain date. Excellent quality, fits perfectly and the Soviet Army insignia is amazing. I wish the Insignia was pre-assembled on the hat, bit I think I got it centered! Overall very satisfied with My purchase.

verified 12/14/17
From: Virginia, Prince William
Ushanka No. 028
by Luis

This is a wonderful ushanka, and I will use it this winter. Customer service was just outstanding and my hat arrived within 3 days of my order in perfect condition and fit. Keep up the good work!

большое спасибо!

verified 03/28/17
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer Kyle M.

Amazing. If you buy you be true cs:go trader. You get karambit doppler comrade. I am legit cs:go trader now with my kewl hat. Cyka blayt!

verified 03/01/17
From: CT, USA
by Amazon customer Jordan R.

Hat was great fit, excellent business ethic, make sure to follow guide sheet on handout for inserting pins on the hats! other than that great experience!

verified 02/23/17
by Juliam

Excellent hat lots of compliments and very warm. Cannot complain at all it is a awesome and effective hat!

verified 02/17/17
From: Anywhere, Texas, USA
Awesome Hat
by Nonya

I ordered this for my son and he loves it. Unfortunately he can not wear it very long because this is Texas and there really is no need for such a warm hat. But he loves it anyway! Awesome hat!!

verified 02/16/17
From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Great for Canadian winters!
by Chase

I absolutely love this hat. I regularly see -40°C and colder and somehow I even manage to sweat while wearing this hat! It's absolutely perfect, seeing as I work outside all day and any exposed skin can get frost bite pretty quickly. I've recommended it to everyone I know and regularly receive compliments on the insignia badge!

verified 02/14/17
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer David W.

Item arrived intact and as advertised.

verified 02/11/17
From: WA, USA
by Amazon customer Louis B.

Exactly as described. Nice quality. Thanks.

verified 02/06/17
From: st paul, Minnesota, United States
Russian Ushanka winter hat
by gene

Bought one for my son and myself and we love them sometimes MN feels like Siberia lol

verified 02/02/17
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer Emilio

It is really comfortable and I like it

verified 01/30/17
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer David B.

Such a great purchase

verified 01/25/17
From: TX, USA
by amazon customer Tom M.

Warm, good looking and worth every penny. Delivery was right on time. Excellent fit.

verified 01/12/17
From: AZ, USA
by amazon customer Martina H.

My husband absolutely loves his hat. It came with pins separate from the hat which were not hard to put on at all and the hat is well constructed and is very warm when wearing it.

verified 01/08/17
From: TX, USA
by amazon customer Eric S.

Hat was great quality and fit perfectly. Great instruction are available on their website and their web address is identified multiple times in the backer that I received with the hat. I'll probably buy another one, in real fur, at some point. Top notch seller.

verified 01/05/17
From: IL, USA
by amazon customer Chris K.

Couldn't believe how quickly I received my order. Extremely satisfied!

verified 01/05/17
From: LA, USA
by amazon customer Frank P.

Great hat! Very warm and made well

verified 01/01/17
From: IA, USA
by amazon customer Heather M.

Purchased as a Christmas gift and the recipient was very pleased!

verified 12/31/16
From: MA, USA
by amazon customer Cheryl L.

Great hat. My son loves ushanka hats. Great idea on how to put the emblems on I followed the directions and it worked perfectly. Thank you.

verified 12/15/16
From: Middlefield, Connecticut, United States
Warmest hat I have ever worn
by Joseph

I love this hat, amazing quality for such a low price, and although I had a bit of trouble getting the insignia on the hat, it stays in and looks good. Fast shipping, looks authentic, I am very satisfied overall.

verified 12/14/16
From: ND, USA
by amazon customer William P.

Very warm. True to size, snug. With the enclosed information I was able to stretch it to fit. The weather here in North Dakota has been compared to Siberia, and with the thermometer hovering near 0 it certainly served my need today. Being a Cold War veteran, I'm undecided on whether or not to attach the insignia just yet. Russia was our arch enemy. The hat itself is perfect.

verified 12/10/16
by Amazon customer Sergii K.

Item came on time and as advertised. Would buy ushankas again.

verified 12/09/16
From: PA, USA
by amazon customer Melissa F.

The item was exactly as described and was exactly what I wanted. The badge is packaged in a small envelope. I loved the customer friendly letter inside the package. Thank you Ushanka LLC

verified 12/07/16
From: IL, USA
by amazon customer Clifford K.

Hat received quickly; As described; Thank you.

verified 12/06/16
From: 228 Dolphin Lane, England UK
You Need One Of These For Winter!
by John Austin

These ushanka hats are so comfy and warm and a must-have for the winter months. You get what you pay for so dont buy a cheap one elsewhere as they just dont look authentic. Shipping was so fast only took 6 days to arrive from the u.s to the u.k. very happy thanks.

verified 11/23/16
From: WA, USA
by Amazon customer Charlese J.

Lightning fast shipping and the product was great. Will definitely order from this seller again.

verified 11/05/16
From: NV, USA
by amazon customer Allan S.

The hat keeps my head warm in cold temperatures and is made of high quality materials. I didn't want the military pins that separately came with it and threw them away.

verified 10/31/16
From: IN, USA
by amazon customer Richard M. C.

Good starter hat, warm, comfy

verified 10/10/16
From: OH, US
by amazon customer Richard B.

Purchased as a gift for my son who likes military items.. Fits his head as well my massive noggin so worked out well and would have no issue recommending to others.

verified 10/08/16
From: CA, USA
by amazon customer Bryce M.

It was a gift for my boy, and he loved it

verified 10/05/16
From: UT, USA
by amazon customer Thomas D.

It arrived well packet & fast too so thanks

verified 10/04/16
From: TN, US
by amazon customer Marcus J.

can't comment much. I ordered for my son in Tennessee. I didn't see the item but my son told me it's nice.

verified 05/31/16
From: Wellington , New Zealand
Almost 5 years and going strong.
by Joshua Halliwell

I've been taking this hat tramping with me for almost 5 years now and it is truly outstanding. It is superbly warm and durable as ever. Definitely recommend.

verified 04/29/16
From: CT, US
by amazon customer Thomas V.

I've wanted a Ushanka for many years and never found a source until I found the original one here. It fits perfectly and was nice and warm when I wore it during that cold spell in early April. This will be a fave of mine and I'll probably wear it every day during the cold months.

verified 04/06/16
From: IA, US
by amazon customer Ema L.

I am satisfied with the item! I got it for a sibling who was doing a project for school. The only thing we couldn't figure out was how to put the pin on the hat. Otherwise the hat is very comfy.

verified 03/25/16
From: CA, USA
by amazon customer Donya M.

Hats came in on time for our school function. All the kids were completely happy with the product.

verified 03/14/16
From: PA, USA
by amazon customer Dustin H.

Fast shipping and great product. I ordered it at the last minute and it arrived just in time

verified 02/25/16
From: PA, USA
by Amazon customer: Marlene J.

I have ordered from them before, and they have always delivered a good product.

verified 02/09/16
From: OH, USA
by Amazon customer: Richard G.

The product arrived promptly & was as advertised.

verified 02/01/16
From: MD, USA
by Amazon customer: Golam S.

Just what I was looking for, I love it.

verified 01/30/16
From: WI, USA
by Amazon customer: Grayson P.

Went a size up and it looks and fits wonderfully.

verified 01/29/16
From: Finland
by Amazon customer: Niko K.

Everything was as described and it even came a day earlier than estimated.

verified 01/24/16
From: NY, USA
by Amazon customer: Winifred S.


verified 01/16/16
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Matthew C.

Item as described in perfect condition. A+ seller!

verified 01/14/16
From: TX, USA
by Amazon customer: Amy W.

The hat was very good quality and quite a hit!

verified 01/13/16
From: AE, USA
by Amazon customer: Peter F.

Excellent seller in all respects. Thank you!

verified 01/08/16
From: KY, USA
by Amazon customer: Thomas P.

Authentic, Warm. Fits perfectly. Quality is great. Shipping was fast. What else is there to say?

verified 12/30/15
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Edward L.

Love my new ushanka...very warm. Made very well and will last me many years.

verified 12/27/15
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Junko N.

Awesome hat went to Lake Tahoe over Christmas it was cold and it kepted me toasty warm and stylish!

verified 12/22/15
From: CO, USA
by Amazon customer: Minh N.

I'll really love it this hat really keep your head warm.

verified 12/16/15
From: Victoria, Australia
by Amazon customer: Seth P.

Hat arrived before the estimated time and was exactly as described and fits perfectly

verified 12/15/15
From: TX, USA
by Amazon customer: Thomas N.

Exactly as described. I ordered 1 hat size larger and it fit perfectly. I'll recommend this seller to any friend needing a quality ushanka.

verified 12/15/15
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Jesus C.

Man! The hat is freaking awesome!

verified 12/11/15
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Kirk B.

Nice quality. Two pins came in the package instead of the one described.

verified 12/10/15
From: NY, USA
by Amazon customer: Daniel W.

I love these hats. I bought one previously from this seller, I just wanted another one of a different color. Very fast service. Extremely warm and comfortable.

verified 12/09/15
From: OH, USA
by Amazon customer: Lauryn K.

I absolutely love it

verified 12/06/15
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Rebecca S.

I've always wanted one but could never find one in my size. The helpful measuring tips helped me get the right size. It fits perfect and keeps me warm at the rink. Its my new favorite hat :)

verified 12/06/15
From: NJ, USA
by Amazon customer: Manuel G.

This is exactly as described, did not have any problems with it.

verified 12/03/15
From: NY, USA
by Amazon customer: Pak H.

Everything was as expected and feels great!

verified 11/15/15
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: John P.

This is an amazing hat. The fit was just right using the sizing chart provided. Had trouble with the insignia going on since the pins wanted keep bending all over the place even after sharpening. But overall it look and feels great. Thank you for the great hat.

verified 11/06/15
From: KS, USA
by Amazon customer: Cyril C.

The ushanka I ordered is warm and sized correctly.

verified 11/02/15
From: NC, USA
by Konstantin P.

Loved this, I knew what I was buying, and i liked it. The size is good, the hat is warm, and the pin stays secured. I am thinking of buying lot of these hats from the same company that makes them for my family this christmas.

verified 10/26/15
From: VA, USA
by Amazon customer: Young C.

My kid love this hat! Quality item, Great price and easy transaction! Thank you very much!

verified 10/05/15
From: South Gyeongsang, South Korea
by Amazon customer: Joji W.

The Ushanka was a good fit. I followed the fitting instructions and the hat fit perfectly. They also gave the insignia separately so its up to you to attach it if you want

verified 09/18/15
by Amazon customer: Young H.

In addition, very high quality Excellent thermal insulation The very satisfactory

verified 09/17/15
From: Astoria, NY
by Amazon customer: Sangjin K.

Great quality warm hat and nice design. It's great hat for cold winter.

verified 09/12/15
by Amazon customer: Donggeon L.

Awesome hat, especially considering the great price. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for a honest opinion.

verified 06/22/15
by Amazon customer: Ethan P. R.

My Ushanka came on the Estimated Delivery Date (May 28th) and it fit me perfectly.

verified 06/01/15
From: Oh, USA
by Amazon customer: Joseph M.

The hat is a perfect fit. It does keep my head warm in our winter weather, here on the shore of Lake Erie. My hat fits because I took other peoples advice and ordered one size larger. Anyone ordering a hat should heed this advice.

verified 03/29/15
From: IL , USA
by Amazon customer: MALA B.

Ushanka handled my order without problem or delay. Product was as described. Excellent Amazon supplier

verified 03/27/15
by Amazon customer: Nicholai P.

Hat came as it was supposed to only thing was i had to put the symbol in which was a hassle other then that i love the hat

verified 03/09/15
From: NY, USA
by Amazon customer: Solomon N.

I had no problem returning this hat that turned out to be too small. They replaced it with a larger size and I am very satisfied with both transactions. Excellent vendor.

verified 03/09/15
From: Virginia, USA
by Amazon customer: Fenton R.

The hat arrived in perfect condition a day early. I'm very happy with it, would recommend.

verified 03/05/15
From: TN, USA
by Amazon customer: Connie B.

Husband very happy. Hat kept him warm while he was plowing snow in driveway. Good quality and good fit.

verified 02/27/15
From: FL, USA
by Amazon customer: Vanessa L.

Everything was great. only thing i would add is it would be nice if the pin was attached instead of having to poke a hole in the hat myself.

verified 02/27/15
From: IL, USA
by Amazon customer: James E. D.

Item was perfect! Service was fast and amazing. Great product information

verified 02/24/15
From: Minnesota, USA
by Amazon customer: Mary M.

Very fun unique hat! Wore to an event. Shipped on time!

verified 02/21/15
From: CA , USA
by Amazon customer: Ken K.

Great product! Delivery was on time! no complaints. Would highly recommend.

verified 02/17/15
From: ON, Canada
by Dylan D.

Ordered a black faux fur Ushanka which arrived in a week from purchase date. Hat is in fantastic condition, and surprised it arrived so fast when it had to go through customs. Shipping was also cheap, WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

verified 02/10/15
From: KS, USA
by Amazon customer: Jessica E.

I bought this hat for my son's Birthday. It's beautiful and is the right size. This was the only thing he asked for so I hope he likes it.

verified 02/09/15
by Amazon customer: Louis R.

This is a really good hat fits great and keeps your head very warm.I will definitely recommend to anyone who like's russian gear or just want's a warm hat.And the shipping was very fast

verified 02/06/15
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Martin R. C.

My new favorite cold weather hat! Very warm and comfortable. Worth the price of admission.

verified 02/04/15
From: AZ, USA
by Amazon customer: Michael Q.

Had a Russian themed a christmas party and these were a huge hit. Perfect accessory for any outfit if Russian is your theme. Thick hats!

verified 02/04/15
by Amazon customer: Clara B.

Arived on time. It was pretty difficult to get the pin through but after that it was fine.

verified 02/04/15
From: FL, USA
by eBay customer: weddingshopper30

A terrific seller, nice quality products w/ helpful pointers.

verified 02/03/15
by Amazon customer: Ricardo S.

Excellent, product was exactly as described, would definitely buy again some time

verified 01/23/15
From: NY, USA
by Amazon customer: Monica W.

Great hat ...although add said to message them if you don't want the insignia attached. I didn't message them because i wanted it attached...yet it arrived unattached. had a hard time attaching it since the pin's ends are not pointy.

verified 01/22/15
From: NY, USA
by eBay customer: ldtet

Excellent Ushanka. Can't beat the price. Fast shipping! A++

verified 01/21/15
From: Maine, USA
by Amazon customer: Cody D. G.

Excellent hat! I wore it everu day for over a week when it first arrived!

verified 01/18/15
From: Ijamsville, Maryland, USA
by RizzyBrady

I have always wanted a ushanka, and thanks to this company I finally have one. I cannot stop wearing the hat! It its very warm and comfortable! I am very satisfied with the product I have received and will be making more purchases from in the future!

verified 01/16/15
by Amazon customer: Thomas D. Jr.

This product came very fast. My grandson was happy to receive it. It keeps him very warm during this very cold winter in the northeast.

verified 01/13/15
From: MA, USA
by Amazon customer: Matthew R.

Was accidentally shipped someone else's hat in addition to the one I ordered. Not a big issue for me. Contacted seller and they were very polite, and sent me a return label so I could return the extra hat. Item arrived one day early, and as described.

verified 01/10/15
From: IOWA
by Amazon customer: Raymond C.

The hat was here in 4 day's!!! Faster then I thought! And oh how warm it is! Just might get another one!!

verified 01/07/15
From: IL, USA
by eBay customer: dustinfelix2012

Great product, great price and very quick service. Excellent transaction.

verified 01/07/15
From: MI, USA
by Amazon customer: Teri L. L.

Cool hat!. Haven't worn much yet but will definitely not disappoint for warmth.

verified 01/06/15
From: VA, USA
by Amazon customer: Svetlana R.

Great seller. Will buy again.

verified 01/04/15
From: AZ, USA
by Amazon customer: Angelina B.

Hat exactly as described, and very warm. Mine also came with instructions on how to shrink or stretch to get a better fit, which worked. I've since ordered more for other family members.

verified 12/31/14
From: N.Y., USA
by Amazon customer: James P.

Very swift delivery, hat fit perfectly. Comfy and warm, exactly what I needed for this winter

verified 12/30/14
From: WI , USA
by Amazon customer: Tom G.

Beautiful hat. My only regret is that I didn't spend a few dollars more and get a real navy officers hat--wool, sheepskin etc. I purchased the low priced ($29) faux fur hat, but high quality lining etc., and I like it, but now that I see the quality of that one I think I will find a friend/relative that deserves it and order the more expensive one.

verified 12/27/14
From: Washington, USA
by Amazon customer: Michael K. R.

I am very happy with this hat. The quality is excellent, and it was shipped right away.

verified 12/27/14
From: FL, USA
by Amazon customer: William P. M.

My only complaint is payng for gift wrapping and not being satisfied with that. Just a drab gray box with a cheap sash of ribbon taped flat, no bow, no Xmas look at all.

verified 12/26/14
From: TX, USA
by Amazon customer: Aaben M.

I just got my hat in the mail much sooner than I expected, and it fits like a glove.

verified 12/25/14
From: MT, USA
by Amazon customer: David D. C.

Awesome Russian hat! You do have to assemble the insignia to the front yourself but it is simple.

verified 12/21/14
From: IL, USA
by Amazon customer: Brandy H.

The hat is pretty awesome, and I was thrilled it came a day earlier than expected. I can't wait to give it to my husband for Christmas.

verified 12/21/14
From: FL, USA
by Amazon customer: NIcholas J. P.Jr

This was my first year shopping online for Christmas. Such speedy and precise merchants such as this have convinced me that I'll never go the brick and mortar route again.

verified 12/20/14
by Amazon customer: Michael C.

Wow.. great product for a really amazing price! and I wish all sellers were as fast. thanks! and merry christmas!

verified 12/12/14
by Amazon customer: Stephen L.

I was very happy with this item. I know my brother whom I bought the item for will enjoy it. I am considering buying one for myself

verified 12/11/14
From: Florida, USA
by Amazon customer: Spencer B.

Came quickly, I like that it came without the pin on. Thanks so much!

verified 12/10/14
From: MN, USA
by Amazon customer: Joseph E. C. Jr

I am pleased with my purchase and the experience with the seller. Would purchase again.

verified 12/09/14
From: LA, USA
by Amazon customer: Nadine S.

Fast shipping. Ushanka arrived well-packed, as described. My son LOVES it!

verified 12/07/14
From: WA, USA
by Amazon customer: Arlene B.

My son loves it. Thanks

verified 12/06/14
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Steven A. R.

I bought this with no experience with this type of hat. The item was as advertised, but not what I wanted. Even though this seller had no commitment or requirement to do so, he asked me to return the product for a full refund. Then he worked very closely with me to help me figure out what I really wanted and made sure I got it. It was probably the best customer service I had ever had.

verified 12/01/14
From: Florida, USA
by Amazon customer: Angela D.

Great item. Although I bought for a theme party (From Russia w/ Love), this is a keeper should I travel somewhere for winter. Great craftsmanship and quality and it looks good to boot. You can remove the Russian insignia as it is optional. Highly recommend.

verified 11/30/14
From: MN , USA
by Amazon customer: Jane H.

Great transaction and service. Would order from them again. Thank you!

verified 11/30/14
From: florida, USA
by Amazon customer: Richard D.

Love the hat, keeps me very warm. It's a bit larger in overall size than I expected but I am very pleased with it.

verified 11/29/14
From: MO , USA
by Amazon customer: Wilma S.

It's a xmas present. I'm not sure if it fits yet. It looks nice.

verified 11/29/14
From: GA, USA
by Amazon customer: Terri M.

Nice warm hat. Goes with my sons handlebar mustache

verified 11/26/14
From: MO, USA
by Amazon customer: Christine T.

Excellent seller, product was exactly as described and is of high quality. Thank you!

verified 11/26/14
From: WI, USA
by Amazon customer: Daniel D. S.

Warmest hat I've ever owned! My only struggle was getting the pin on, but if you have something pointed and sharp to help out, it works. Fit perfectly after following included instructions on how to stretch it! Great material and great, courteous service! Highly recommended.

verified 11/26/14
by Amazon customer: Wayson C.

Good looking product, well made and warm. Russian insignia has to be added if wanted and it looks good.

verified 11/23/14
From: Indiana, USA
by Amazon customer: Hunter M.

The only problem I had was putting in the pin. I had to poke holes through the front with serious force, but that means that it is high quality material. Great prop for my Halloween costume.

verified 11/23/14
From: IOWA
by Amazon customer: Simone K.

Love the hat, it's perfect. It looks great, good quality, and it's warm! Very affordable price, too.

verified 11/22/14
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: MAHIN T.

Very nice good quality hat. NOT made in China. Very fast shipping.

verified 11/22/14
From: TX, USA
by Amazon customer: Alan L B.

Amazing!!! This hat is fantastic, it is so well made, warm, and better than you can imagine, be sure to get one for the cold winter to keep your head warm.

verified 11/21/14
From: Washington, USA
by Amazon customer: Camrin Q. M.

The hat came exactly as advertised. It's a tad weird around the edges, where it contacts your ears, but it's extremely warm, and looks pretty awesome. Looking forward to next Halloween as the "Candy Communist".

verified 11/20/14
by Amazon customer: Kevin M.

Really nice Ushanka. Now my head and ears are warm. As soon as I put it on I feel like a true comrade. It is comfy and warm. 10/10 would buy another.

verified 11/20/14
by Amazon customer: Robert M.

Seller very helpful. Great product.

verified 11/19/14
From: MN, USA
by Amazon customer: Jane H.

Love the hats! Just ordered 4 more for gifts! Thank you for the great turnaround time.

verified 11/19/14
by Amazon customer: Melody W.

Got merchandise earlier than told when ordering. Very pleased with merchandise.

verified 11/17/14
From: TX, USA
by Amazon customer: JAMES M. C.

I'm really impressed with my ushanka. The size is perfect and it is toasty warm.

verified 11/11/14
From: WA, USA
by Amazon customer: Michelle and Michael P.

Awesome info slip included with product, lots of helpful info. Great product quality!

verified 11/02/14
From: Texas, USA
by Amazon customer: Thomas O.

The product arrived promptly and in perfect condition! I always wanted a ushanka as a child but never committed to obtaining one. I could not be more pleased with it. Whether it is the compliments or the strange looks I receive this stands out. Size was perfect the material is super soft and it feels VERY durable. I fully recommend this product to anyone who is in the market for one!

verified 10/15/14
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Ingo A.

I purchased this hat as part of a Halloween costume that I am making. I was very surprised at the quality of the hat. It was made very well. The inside of the hat is quilted and the hat overall is thick so I'm sure in cold weather it would keep your head warm.

verified 09/02/14
From: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
by Steven A. Balyk

Hat arrived today and I am very pleased. Exactly what I'll need this winter for walks in the blizzards and snow shoveling. Now I think I'll need a grey one to match my other coat.
Many many thanks!!!

verified 04/18/14
From: VA , USA
by Amazon customer: William R. W.

The hat arrive quickly and was exactly as described. I am very pleased with the item and would recommend this seller to those looking to purchase hats.

verified 03/23/14
From: AZ, USA
by Amazon customer: Michael G.

Hat fit great! Very comfortable! I wear 7&3/8 and it fit just right.

verified 03/16/14
by Amazon customer: Vin L.

Fast, clear, professional transaction. A pure joy.

verified 03/05/14
From: NC, USA
by Amazon customer: James D. C.

Excellent ushanka, fast shipping and great instructions. Would recommend anyone to buy from this seller.

verified 03/05/14
From: WI, USA
by Amazon customer: Wilson Y. L.

Product arrived almost 3 days sooner than expected! Sizing was right on. Thank, product and service were excellent!

verified 03/05/14
From: IL, USA
by Amazon customer: louis E.

I had friends buy similar products and theirs came with the pin already attached. but still a good product.

verified 03/04/14
From: MO, USA
by Amazon customer: Raymundo R.

Beautiful, high quality hat that looks and feels like real mink. I haven't tried it out in cold weather yet but feels warm with ears flaps down. I'm glad the Soviet insignia was not attached. I'm glad the hat was made in Belarus and not Russia or China. Hat size 60 cm (= 23.62 inch). fits my 23 inch head (size 7 1/4) perfectly, not too tight, not too loose.

verified 03/03/14
From: KS, USA
by Amazon customer: Roger A. P.

This is a very nice looking,well made, warm hat. The company shipped quickly also.

verified 03/01/14
From: MD, USA
by Amazon customer: John M. B.

Item arrived on time, well packaged, and as ordered. I would order again from this vendor.

verified 02/27/14
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Susan L.

Excellent Item! The quality is great. Soft fur and looks great! Very satisfied with item and seller. Thank you

verified 02/25/14
From: NJ , USA
by Amazon customer: Joseph F.

Really Nice Quality. Fast Shipping. Great Seller. Looks Great. I wear When Snow Blowing the Neighbors Walk Ways. What Are They Thinking?

verified 02/24/14
From: Texas, USA
by Amazon customer: Christopher T W.

Great seller. Item arrived surprisingly fast.

verified 02/24/14
From: MI, USA
by Amazon customer: JAMES A. S.SR.

This hat was much nicer than I expected and it looks and feels much more expensive than the amount I paid for it. It provides great weather protection in the sub-zero temperatures of Upper Michigan. Very well constructed.

verified 02/24/14
From: MD, USA
by Amazon customer: Richard K.

Great customer service. Took care of orders immediately.

verified 02/23/14
From: MA, USA
by Amazon customer: Steven M. M.

This hat is very useful for keeping you warm and it doesn't look or feel cheap. I've used it plenty of times, more than most of my other winter hats. The pin though can be annoying to get on at first but that;s no reason to take away a star because once the pin is in though it is very hard to dislodge.

verified 02/23/14
by Amazon customer: Mike R.

Ordered late, but still arrived before Christmas. Was very happy with prompt service.. The hat is very stylish and warm.

verified 02/21/14
From: GA, USA
by Amazon customer: David B.

This hat is quality throughout. Very well made with good, warm, durable material and excellent stitching. Fast shipping, secure packaging. I wore it a lot over the last 4 weeks....warm! It looks good too. Five Stars for sure.

verified 02/19/14
From: KY, USA
by Amazon customer: Kyle W.

The quality is superb. A wonderful bargain for the price, this Ushanka is both comfortable and visually appealing. I received my order in a reasonable time period. The product completely meets my expectations. If you are looking in to buying this item, I doubt that you will regret making the purchase!

verified 02/18/14
From: MI, USA
by Amazon customer: Edgar R. B. G.

Totally worth it!!!!!! Warm, soft, fashionable and most importantly, comfortable overall.

verified 02/17/14
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Mark W.

Love this hat, wear it all the time, very warm and comfortable

verified 02/15/14
From: MD , USA
by Amazon customer: Dorothy B.

It was a very pleasant experience. I love the hat.

verified 02/15/14
From: VT, USA
by Amazon customer: Phillip E.

Great hat, great seller! Perfect fit, exactly as described, and very fast communication with the seller.

verified 02/13/14
From: MO, USA
by Amazon customer: Matthew S. M.

This hat is an excellent value and well made. My wife even likes it, so much so I may by another for her.

verified 02/12/14
From: Missouri, USA
by Amazon customer: David S.

Very happy with transaction. Thanks!!

verified 02/11/14
From: IA, USA
by Amazon customer: Mitch I.

Excellent seller. Great quality products!

verified 02/10/14
From: Texas, USA
by Amazon customer: Rodolfo J M.

I really like this hat, this hat keeps me warmer than the typical knit hat, I say this because I believe that most body heat is lost through the head.. I can go outside in the cold and not have to dread leaving my house going into the the elements. The hat protects my neck and ears from the cold. I may consider buying another hat. Thank you for your service.

verified 02/10/14
From: Missouri, USA
by Amazon customer: John M. W.

Super fast shipping and great hat! This hat will keep your head and ears warm for sure. Tip: order straight from and get free shipping!!

verified 02/10/14
From: NM, USA
by Amazon customer: Mark H.

Awesome hat very warm this is the real deal made in Belarus. Good price!

verified 02/09/14
From: TX
by Amazon customer: Brandon J. Q.

So warm and comfortable! It is a must buy if you live in cold weather!

verified 02/08/14
From: MD, USA
by Amazon customer: lawrence W. B. J.

I'm very well satisfied with the hat and with the way the whole was handled.

verified 02/07/14
From: VA, USA
by Amazon customer: Wendy G.

Excellent hat, pin was difficult to put in but looks and feels great.

verified 02/06/14
From: NY, USA
by Amazon customer: Frank R.

Super fast shipping. Product as described. Happy.

verified 02/03/14
From: NY, USA
by Amazon customer: Sammir A. L. Q.

Arrived much earlier than expected, great built and awesome insignia. I will recommend Ushanka to all my friends from now on!

verified 01/26/14
by Amazon customer: Bruce D. R.

Arrived ahead of schedule, I liked the flyer that came with it with the instructions for sizing and attaching the badge.

verified 01/25/14
From: MN, USA
by Amazon customer: Eric B. H.

I really like this hat, it's the warmest single piece of clothing I have. Living in the Twin Cities during the Jan 2014 cold spike, it really pulled through. The only drawbacks were that I have difficult time tying the strings under my chin (can't tie a bow knot upside down); the Soviet Army era pin can't puncture the fur of the hat. It was less stronger than a paper clip.

verified 01/13/14
From: WA, USA
by Amazon customer: William J. S.

GREAT product, price, and service. Thanks!

verified 01/12/14
From: Maryland, USA
by Amazon customer: Gerard B.

Prompt delivery. Item as described. Thank you.

verified 01/12/14
From: VA, USA
by Amazon customer: Kevin D.

Was a gift for son and he said it's great! Very quick delivery.

verified 01/09/14
From: Washington, USA
by Amazon customer: Russell B.

Item as promised- looks great. Fast delivery- thanks very much

verified 01/08/14
From: FL, USA
by Amazon customer: Phillip H.

Excellent service and the product was exactly what I expected.

verified 01/06/14
From: MI, USA
by Amazon customer: Michael A.

Hat arrived promptly and undamaged. It is super warm and comfortable, definitely helpful for this brutal Michigan winter.

verified 01/06/14
From: NM, USA
by Amazon customer: Paul A. C.

Proper item received without question. No issues. A+ seller!

verified 01/04/14
From: MN, USA
by Amazon customer: Mike S.


verified 01/03/14
From: MN, USA
by Amazon customer: Roger D. R.

This came quickly and is exactly as described; I couldn't be happier.

verified 12/30/13
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Darius P.

The seller is willing to help me out when I was unsure of when the product will arrive.

verified 12/29/13
From: California, USA
by Amazon customer: Sergio

Really fast service, the hats were in perfect condition. The pins could use sharper points to impale the hat because it is really thick but keeps you warm. Best item I have purchased so far.

verified 12/26/13
From: AZ, USA
by Amazon customer: Bruce K. D.

Great item and quick service. thank you

verified 12/25/13
From: IN, USA
by Amazon customer: Jon S.

Fast shipping. Accurate description.

verified 12/23/13
by Amazon customer: Jim H.

This is a gift for my son it looks to be very good quality and will be very warm.

verified 12/23/13
From: Lawrence, Kansas , U.S.A
by Erik

I received my ushanka as a gift and could not be happier. I am chronically cold, I hate winter, but this hat made winters much more tolerable. The quality of the hat is outstanding and the person who bought the hat for me said the customer service was top notch.

verified 12/20/13
From: NH, USA
by Amazon customer: Alan C.

I received my Ushanka very quickly and I am very happy with it. I have had other people asking about it and now they want one.

verified 12/19/13
From: TX, USA
by Amazon customer: Christina l.

Great Product, feels authentic as possible. My will love it!

verified 12/19/13
From: OH, USA
by Amazon customer: Andrea W.

This hat is awesome. I bought it for my husband, and he won't take it off. he takes the dogs for long walks just so he can wear his hat

verified 12/17/13
From: WI, USA
by Amazon customer: Jason T.

Sizing instructions were spot on and this hat is the warmest and most comfortable thing I have ever worn. Shipped for fast and am glad to have received it so quickly.

verified 12/16/13
From: FL, USA
by Amazon customer: JOE G. D.

Super Fast Shipping as good as Amazon Prime!---Product as described--well packed--Excellent Transaction!!

verified 12/16/13
From: IA, USA
by Amazon customer: Dustin D.

Hat came as expected. Kind of hard to attach the pin that came with it but the hat is of good quality and arrived in a timely manner.

verified 12/15/13
From: Texas, USA
by Amazon customer: Donna S.

Sizes run a little small, but excellant my hat

verified 12/15/13
From: TX, USA
by Amazon customer: LARRY D. B.

A quality product at a fair price price delivered on time. Cannot get any better than that!!!!

verified 12/14/13
by Amazon customer: Chad M.

Glorious hat from Motherland warms head. Hammer and Sickle fills me with pride encourages hard work for Republic

verified 12/12/13
From: Quebec
by Amazon customer: Dang H. N.

Very good hat. Good value. Delivery on time. Over all 5 stars

verified 12/12/13
From: NM, USA
by Amazon customer: Michael K.

Excellent hat! Very warm and cozy. Be sure to follow the sizing directions carefully in order to insure the proper size. Mine fits perfectly. Thank a million!

verified 12/08/13
From: OH, USA
by Amazon customer: Joanne E. F.

This was a gift. It seemed to please.

verified 12/07/13
From: New York, USA
by Amazon customer: PETER J. S.

Great Hat - no idea how to attach star -------- Fast Shipping ---------- Good Job !!

verified 12/06/13
From: MI, USA
by Amazon customer: Jeffrey D.

Excellent hat, very responsive customer service. Thanks!

verified 12/05/13
From: Oklahoma, USA
by Amazon customer: Xavier R.

Suggestion for your products. Instead of having several different hats that are the same except the emblem, just have one style of hat and then when selecting the size, also give an option to select what emblem you want. I ended up getting a hat with an emblem I will probably not wear (Soviet Army Soldier) when I would have worn the eagle emblem. Not your fault but I believe this would help.

verified 12/04/13
From: MN, USA
by Amazon customer: paul j doroff

My husband ordered this hat for me and I absolutely love it!! It is very warm and comfortable and quite the fashion statement.

verified 11/21/13
From: Florida, USA
by Amazon customer: Francisco A. Z.

Fits excellent. Good product and seller.

verified 11/19/13
From: NJ, USA
by Amazon customer: Frank J. O.

Excellent fit, finely made. Fast filling of order and delivery. Definitely would use seller again.

verified 11/17/13
From: NY, USA
by Amazon customer: Mary J. G.

Super fast shipping, I received the item just a few days after I ordered it, way before the estimated due date. Very happy with the hat, good quality. I don't know if it is true to size because this is a Xmas gift so I won't be sure if it fits until then.

verified 11/12/13
From: IL, USA
by Amazon customer: Edgar B.

I would give it five stars if it wasn't for the star emblem that's hard to place. when I bought it I thought it already came with it on, but other than that it looks cool and it's actually warm.

verified 11/04/13
by Amazon customer: Marcus S.

Great hat, and it arrived 2 days before the earliest estimated date! Very happy proletarian here! =)

verified 10/30/13
From: Florida, USA
by Amazon customer: Doreen O.

Excellent product!! Very fast shipping! Thank you!!

verified 10/26/13
From: Texas, USA
by Amazon customer: Mark O.

It's a great item the only thing I have to say is they should have put the pin in the hat already because it was very difficult to pierce the strong fabric.

verified 10/26/13
From: California, USA
by Amazon customer: Michael D. G. Jr.

Great Ushanka to wear in the winter time or when I watch Hunt for Red October. Thank you!!!

verified 10/21/13
From: PA, USA
by Amazon customer: Julie M. B.

The hat is really soft and warm, I really enjoy it. The material is soft, but also very tough, so you wont have to worry about wind or any snow.

verified 10/18/13
From: MD, USA
by Amazon customer: ERIC J.

I LOVE THIS HAT!! I wear it to my work at US navy and everyone laughed at it. It is extremely warm! High quality made hat.

verified 10/15/13
From: Arizona, USA
by Amazon customer: Nathan

AWESOME PRODUCTS AND SERVICE!!! I plan to order the lambskin ushanka next time!!! THANKS!!!

verified 10/12/13
From: MA, USA
by Amazon customer: Bridget R.M.

Excellent product and on time delivery. My son could not be any happier with his new Ushanka hat and recommends it to all. Thanks

verified 10/12/13
From: VA, USA
by Amazon customer:  Minsuk S.

Excellent quality. very surprised. fast shipping too. thank you very much.

verified 10/12/13
From: Maryland, USA
by Amazon customer: lisa E.

Another great experience! Thank you!!!

verified 10/11/13
From: Texas, USA
by Amazon customer: Rosa H. C.

I had a great experience, It was so fast and the products are really good

verified 10/07/13
From: OH, USA
by Amazon customer: Conrad D.

No animals were harmed in the making of this faux-fur hat. Toasty warm and prompt service from the seller!

verified 10/03/13
From: CA , USA
by Amazon customer: Trusted And Fast Servic

Great item; fast shipping. Highly recommend to all.

verified 09/27/13
From: Oklahoma, USA
by Amazon customer: Nolan Si. C.

The hat I orderd was top quality and a very great price

verified 09/26/13
From: IL, USA
by Amazon customer: Barbara F.

Enjoyed the hat so much that we bought 3 in 3 different colors.

verified 09/22/13
From: NC , USA
by Amazon customer: Cameron D.

Awesome, great service, exactly as advertised and delivered faster than expected.

verified 09/12/13
From: PA, USA
by Amazon customer: Victoria N.

It arrived before it was supposed to which made me very happy. I was extremely pleased with the quality. It came with two pins, both of good quality. It is very warm and fits snuggly. I would recommend this hat and company to others. Two of my friends are actually thinking of buying one for themselves.

verified 09/12/13
From: NH, USA
by Amazon customer:  Felipe C.

Excellent hat, really well done. Loved it.

verified 08/17/13
From: North Carolina, USA
by Amazon customer: Ryan N.

Even thou rrive time and i got it late, it was still great, the email resposeswere fast and and i didnt get my pins but the immediantly told me theyould ship some to me!

verified 08/15/13
From: CO , USA
by Amazon customer: Lanny P.

This company has to be the best Amazon experience I have ever had. Tremendous customer service and very helpful with a couple questions I had. I will do business with them again.

verified 08/12/13
From: Texas , USA
by Amazon customer: Hector N. f.

Me encanto mi nueva ushanka. Perfecta

verified 07/13/13
by Amazon customer: ALBERTO S. T.

Very nice quality of product. Recived a free gift pin for my ushanka. Great seller, recomended.

verified 07/02/13
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Peter K.

Nice hat! Fast shipping!!

verified 07/01/13
From: New York, USA
by Amazon customer: Mohamad A. O.

Great customer service ion delivery as well as item description

verified 06/26/13
by Amazon customer: Marianne H.

Quality Product, Fast Shipping, Thanks!

verified 06/17/13
From: TX, USA
by Amazon customer: Jayne L. W.

I liked the looks of this. It is gift for my grandson who collects Russian and German items.

verified 06/16/13
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Sergio M.

Thanks again! You guys rock!

verified 05/25/13
by Amazon customer: Kimberly P.

My son needed this last minute for a school project and it came very quickly. Good quality as well.

verified 05/04/13
From: KS, USA
by Amazon customer: Laurie L. S.

Thank you. Job well done

verified 04/27/13
From: CO , USA
by Amazon customer: David S.

Fantastic! Would buy again

verified 04/02/13
by Amazon customer: Evan G. Y. Jr.

Excellent product - my 8 year old son really enjoys his new hat!!!! Definitely order the next size up as the hats do run small.

verified 03/17/13
From: LA, USA
by Amazon customer: Brian C. B.

Item is terrific, not just for costume but very warm, may actually wear this in the winter without the pin in it

verified 03/14/13
From: MD, USA
by Amazon customer: Jason L.

Arrived promptly and it is a hat. Everything I wanted.

verified 03/13/13
From: MA, USA
by Amazon customer: Axel E. D.

Thank you and have given the order before the expected time. Thanks again

verified 03/08/13
From: California, USA
by Amazon customer: Carlos R.

Este es un sombrero excelente de buenos materiales, muy bonito y elegante, sobrepaso mis expectativas, y lo recomiendo mucho

verified 03/07/13
by Amazon customer: Elizabeth V.

Bought hat for my 14 year old. he loves it. Fits perfect. (M)

verified 03/05/13
From: CA, USA
by Amazon customer: Joe E.

Great price, came quicky. Thanks

verified 03/02/13
From: PA, USA
by Amazon customer: Michael H.

Hat is of good quality and as described by seller, also came with detailed instruction, if any help was needed. Sizing was on the money, as the seller instructed before purchase.

verified 02/13/13
From: NY, USA
by Amazon customer: Edward T.

The hat is really nice. Delivery was fast.

verified 02/08/13
From: FL, USA
by Amazon customer: Ryan J.

Great quality product. Have recommended to others.

verified 01/28/13
From: South Dakota, USA
by Amazon customer: Ryan & Tina S.

Fantastic seller really knows how to take care of customers!!!! Will buy from again!!!!

verified 01/24/13
From: California , USA
by Amazon customer: CRAIG L.

Great seller, would definitely buy from again.

verified 01/17/13
From: Texas, USA
by Amazon customer: Kevin M.

Arrived before estimated date of arrival and in excellent condition! I would recommend this seller to any of my friends interested in a high quality Ushanka that is also affordable!

verified 01/13/13
From: Illinois , USA
by Amazon customer: Jeremy F.

Great Hat, Great Seller, Will do business with again.

verified 01/12/13
From: IL, USA
by Amazon customer: Kimberly F.

The hats (2 were purchased) run noticeably smaller than they are supposed to be according to the sizing table. However, the company offers reasonable recommendations for wetting the inside of the hat and stretching it over a pot to enlarge it. It seems to have worked.

verified 01/09/13
From: MI, USA
by Amazon customer: Elizabeth W.

Everything was perfect. The product was exactly what I ordered, the shipment was right on time. We're all good. =)

verified 01/08/13
From: OH, USA
by Amazon customer: Angela E.

Excellent service. Merchandise exactly as described.Item arrived on time.

verified 01/07/13
From: Oklahoma, USA
by Amazon customer: Raquel T.-S.

Great hat! It arrived in a timely manner and fits well. The quality is very good, and it's warm as well as fashionable. Can't wait to get some good use out of it this winter.

verified 01/05/13
From: Derbyshire, USA
by Amazon customer: Bethany G.

The hat is perfect in terms of structure and quality. I would agree with others about the sizing being slightly smaller but thankfully the hat did fit well. Overall a great product with sooner than expected delivery, bonus! :)

verified 01/05/13
From: OR , USA
by Amazon customer: Roger S.

The ad specified fur, the hat was artificial fur, but was Russian issue, with correct emblems, so am very happy with purchase...RS

verified 01/04/13
From: IL , USA
by Amazon customer: Tomi D.

Good quality and fit. I will wear it with the pin attached.

verified 01/03/13
From: SC, USA
by Amazon customer: Eugene K.

Item arrived before delivery estimate. The ushanka is of excellent quality and I would order from them again.

verified 01/03/13
From: IL, USA
by Amazon customer: JOHN R.

Verry pleased with Russian winter hat store: Ushanka as well as the quality of the product

verified 01/02/13
From: SD, USA
by Amazon customer: joshua l.

Great product! high quality and on time,thank you.

verified 01/01/13
From: California , USA
by Amazon customer: Graciela C.

Wasn't sure how long it would take to get here ,since it was a gift but it get here early i was super stoked! thank you so much my bf loves it.

verified 01/01/13
From: IL, USA
by Amazon customer: Kristy M.

Fantastic Hat! Very Warm, well made. Excellent seller, prompt delivery.

verified 12/30/12
From: CO , USA
by Amazon customer: Christopher T.

It arrived very fast, which was important for Christmas. Item was exactly what I expected. Thank you!

verified 12/29/12
From: MI, USA
by Amazon customer: Natalia V. B.

Fast shipping! Item as described. Excellent seller!

verified 12/28/12
From: Lake Martin, AL
by Tammy and Brian

Got this product just in time for Christmas. It was the greatest Christmas present ever. It exceeded my husbands expectations, and he is very picky.The quality and craftsmanship was unsurpassed. Thank you for such a good product for the money.You couldn't ask for more.

verified 12/27/12
From: IN, USA
by Amazon customer: Garry J. N.

Quick delivery. Item was well worth money spent on it. Thanks!

verified 12/27/12
From: TX , USA
by Amazon customer: Sebastian T.

Quite satisfied, more than I expected and received much earlier than anticipated

verified 12/27/12
From: NJ, USA
by Amazon customer: Sandra T.

Ordered this hat as a Christmas present for my teenage son. He loves it. Hasn't taken it off. Fits great and very warm.

verified 12/25/12
From: OR, USA
by Amazon customer: Arturo V.

Prompt and efficient shipping. Very good overall.

verified 12/22/12
From: OH , USA
by Amazon customer: Maria J.

Fast Shipping! Love it, thanks!!

verified 12/05/12
by Amazon customer: Kathleen S.

Delivery was super-fast! Item is as described and in perfect condition. My son is going to love this hat!

verified 11/06/12
From: NC, USA
by Amazon customer: Roland H.

I love my Ushanka!! Very happy!! Spaciba!!!

verified 02/22/12
From: Chiba, Japan
by Mauricio N.

Thank you very much for sending the hat. It arrived here perfectly safe. I'm absolutely satisfied with the quality and will refer your website to my friends. Once again thank you!

verified 01/21/10
From: Birmingham, United Kingdom
by Shiv N.

Hi Valentina, Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Ushanka, I'm really pleased with it! The quality is great. So warm! Delivery was very fast too considering the delays due to the snow. I ordered on January 6th and it arrived on January 12th, just in time for more snow!! My friends were all really impressed with it too. Will definitely consider buying from you again in the future. Thanks again.

verified 08/29/09
From: Louisville, KY
by Bruce B.

Thanks for the Ushanka order. I received it today in good condition by mail. I wish you and your family best wishes. Thanks,

verified 12/15/08
From: OH, United States
by eBay customer: thedoodoctor

wonderful hat. my son was thrilled to get this for Christmas. great seller A+

verified 11/12/08
From: Belgium
by Patrick Paulissen

Hello Valentina, I received the ushanka and it is perfect :) Thanks again and until next time! Greetings, a customer from Belgium:)

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