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An Ushanka hat is very easy to shrink to a size or two smaller without damage!
Please note: trying the instructions below will not ruin the return policy!

Here's what to do:
Wet the inside of your Ushanka around the brim nicely.
Let it dry for a few hours.
It should be shrunk to the next size down without damage.
If you have any problems or questions during the process, let us know.
You can do that to a hat a few times.
More you wet it inside - more it will shrink. Higher the temperature applied while drying - more it will shrink.
High temperature might shrink the hat too much, and very high temperatures can even damage a hat, therefore room radiator is best for drying.
Please see below what other customers said about this shrinking method.

If the technique above did not help, please send us an email ( and we will help further.

Well add me to your list of successes using that method.. My hat fits perfectly now, I am so happy: I sprayed some water around the inner rim and then set it on top of a warm water heater and it shrunk to the perfect size

Thank you!
My ushanka shrunk to a perfect fit.
Mike G.
I have done what you recommended in your last mail and it is successful. I am happy with my ushanka hat now, it fits my head very well. So thanks you very much for that.
With all my best.
Shrunk hat like you advised. Fits perfectly. Thanks.
I'm very happy! thank you thank you thank you! It shrunk. I was very surprised. I wet it then I put it against the vent in the house, let it dry and it shrunk. Very happy with it. It is really nice now.
Thank you very much James
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