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An Ushanka winter hat is very easy to stretch to a size or two larger without damage!
Please note: trying the instructions below will not ruin the return policy!

Here's what to do: First, wet the inside of your ushanka nicely around the brim and pull the earflaps down.
Then pull the hat over a larger sized pot, i.e. a kitchen pot, bowl or something similar.
This short 2 minute video shows how to find the right object to pull the hat onto.
In a few hours, when the has lost all of its moisture/wetness, slip it off of the stretcher.
It should be stretched nicely to the next size without damage.

If you have any problems or questions during the process, send us an email: we'll help and advise.
Please, give it a try - this helped many of our customers: (please see a few feedback about stretching below).
You may want to try this procedure a few times if better result is needed.

Please read this article for more information:
How Can I Stretch a Hat Band?
By Rachel Strickland, eHow Contributor

If the technique above did not help, please send us an email ( - we will advise.

Hi, I tried that and it worked. Thanks a lot, and happy holidays!
Hi ushanka,
Fantastic, you are the wizard of the Ushanka. Your tip worked perfectly!!! I now have a russian hat that fit neatly thanks to you. I wil probably order an other one for my wife later on. For now I enjoy mine. Thank you again.
A very satisfied customer.
Thank you - it worked very well. I appreciate your help.
Nicholas D.
We followed you procedure to stretch the Ushanka and now the hat fits perfectly!! Thank You so much for you quick email and help!!
Doug W.
I have followed the instructions you sent me and watched the short video, and this has helped me to stretch my ushanka to a comfortable size to wear. Thanks for your prompt assistance in helping me to achieve this,
Cheers Norman Churchill.
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